Bad dog

I am so mad at this little guy right now. 
See he has a tendency to get into shit. But I’m used to it. And to an extent my house is already baby proofed because we Renji proofed a long time ago. Every now and then he finds something. A few weeks ago I broke an ice tray, I was my usual lazy self and wasn’t prompt at cleaning it all up. Renji came trotting up with broken plastic in his mouth. I fished it all out, and after several hours (or maybe one hour) of finding all the pieces to make sure the jigsaw puzzle of broken plastic fit and I had all the pieces. I quit panicking. I know dogs ingesting foreign objects is a big cause of doggie ER visits, I know because Renji has caused us a couple. He also once got a bottle of Benadryl, he only at the bottle though not the pills, this dog has caused me many gray hairs. 
So today. 
I am very protective of my dogs, you could call me a helicopter mom, so I don’t let them outside alone, I let them on the porch, which is contained and about 8-12 feet off the ground. Aint no one stealing my dogs off the porch. Well earlier this week I put my seed starters outside so they could acclimate so I could put them in the ground (and they all died, but whatever). I should mention another thing Renji likes to eat is dirt, and seed starters especially. Well I found that little shit eating seed starters then I found toothpicks. Oh no! I used toothpicks with the names of plants taped to them, Renji has been chewing on toothpicks. Again with the panic. I instantly imagine that I will be dropping at least $300 to x-ray and likely remove toothpicks from his tummy… 
All is well though, I found all the pieces and there are no toothpicks missing. So my little guy is spared again from me dipping into his college fund. 
Please tell me I’m not the only one with a dog that gets into EVERYTHING! 

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Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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1 Response to Bad dog

  1. jcsanders says:

    Oh no!!! Renji you were a “good” boy at challis dont do this now!!!! And your not the only one… Amani and Mojo got ahold of Kaydens monkey, hes missing a leg and an ear…. Told kayden that monkey is at the doctors and that he will be okay lol.

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