Blog Redux

As you can see I have made some changes around here. I am so excited. I have wanted to do a revamp for a while but my two biggest issues were price and I had no idea what I really wanted. I saw that Mrs. K over at Mrs. K and Captain J had just her redesign done by Angi Clark designs and its super cute. All I knew was that I wanted something that was simple and would look more like I was a serious blogger.

I contacted Angi, and she made it so easy on me. She was finishing up one blog so she could start on mine right away. All I had to do as answer a few questions and get her a picture and she had a sample inspiration board put together right away. I was surprised how great it was, considering I don’t think I was very good at articulating what I wanted, because I didn’t even know. I pretty much described my personal style, listed some things I liked (Elephants, cherry blossoms, hello kitty) and I gave her some color swatches.  
Angi made the whole process easy and very quick, and at a very reasonable price. The whole process from start to finish was about 15 emails and 5 days. I like to think I am pretty easy to please and that’s why it didn’t take too long, but Anji was just awesome. Really the hardest part? Picking a new profile picture.

With my new look I am going to try to blog more, and about more than just baby. I’ll have a My Town Monday Link up monday if anyone wants to join, just write about where you are living, I’m trying to learn more about Butte and learn to love Montana more, despite the terrible long winters. 

Thank you again Angi, for doing such a great job!
This is not a sponsored post. I chose to write it after my blog was completed because I was so very pleased with my experience working with Angi Clark Designs. 

About alanamarie26

Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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3 Responses to Blog Redux

  1. Angi says:

    Oh my gosh you are the sweetest. Thanks for the huge shout-out! You were a blast to work with and I'm so happy you love your new design!!

    P.S. I'm actually following your blog now, and considering doing your link-up! Might be a challenge…I hate where I live, haha!

  2. jcsanders says:

    I love your new look its SO you angi did a wonderful job. Ill do link up gotta learn more about helena considering ill be here for 3 years

  3. Kara says:

    It looks super cute!

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