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When I learned that we would be camping for 5 days with a 6 month old I almost didn’t go. I wanted to bail and let my husband go on his own. But what kind of wife would I be if I missed out on “Mandatory Military Fun Time” because I was worried about being out of my comfort zone.
I would have to leave my comfort zone with her eventually. But diving into a 5 day camping trip sounded scary.
My biggest concern was keeping her warm/safe at night. 
When I learned of this trip a couple months ago and was doing lots of research on camping with a baby, she was still sleeping on her own in her pack and play. After lots of asking friends questions and reading all kinds of info, I decided on Co-Sleeping, it seemed like the warmest option, and the safest should a river monster creep into our tent. Coincidentally about a month ago she quit sleeping in her own bed and now we are co-sleeping now anyway. So it wasn’t that big a deal. 
For sleep clothes I choose to get sleep sacks. the ones I have are made from fleece so they would be very warm.
I gathered all the sleep sacks I had and was ready to go, and I had some layers to wear underneath if she needed. Thankfully I also ended up bringing a few lighter footie PJs, Evey must be hot blooded because we found her sweaty every morning. So after two nights we switched to the footie PJs. These were also much easier because I was able to put her in PJs and put her into the Ergo, nurse her to sleep, and wear her until we went to bed. 
Another concern of mine was staying cool during the day.
During the past it was blazing hot during the day, and chilly at night. (although last year I was 400 months pregnant for the trip so my memory of the temperature may have been slightly off.) 
But it was still hot. Almost 90 on friday. So I had to keep the dogs and the baby cool. Our tent has an inclosed screened in area, which was nice because it was like a shaded porch, but it was also partly enclosed so it was still very hot. But being in the shade was better than the sun so we laid a blanket on the cool grass under the porch and toughed it out. There was lots of naps for Evey. 
Swaddle Me Muslin Blankets by Summer Infant 
We also had a couple muslin blankets that were very convenient, we would wet them and drape them over her or wrap them around her. Like a swamp cooler they kept a cool breeze on her and kept her skin cool. 
I also had some Frog Toggs chilly pads that I got for the dogs that we would use on us and her when the dogs weren’t using them. 
They are basically a blanket made from a spongy material that you wet and it keeps you cool for a long time as the water slowly evaporates. 
Food was easy, Evelyn is still breastfeed. I have introduced some solids, but not enough to have to worry about her expecting more than just the boob.
This was also important in keeping her hydrated. Breastfeed babies really don’t need additional water as long as mom is staying hydrated and feeding on demand baby will be fine. During the heat of the day I was feeding her ever 45 minutes or so, I think mostly for comfort because she was hot and she would fall asleep. We did give her some watermelon one morning, but she spit out everything she bit off and just sucked the juice out of it. 
I brought many of her toys and her Bumbo chair. She is pretty independent and she would sit in her chair and play with her toys or listen to me talk to her. She also loved the grass, picking it and tasting it. 
Really the most difficult part about camping with her was keeping her happy for the 4 1/2 hour drive to and from our campsite. We didn’t want to stop for feedings if we didn’t have to so I pumped breast milk while Paul drove and gave her bottles. 
All in all it was a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to do it again. Hopefully next time we will not have to drive as far. 

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2 Responses to camping with baby

  1. Mrs. K says:

    We always loved to camp, but we haven't been since we started having kids. I'm so intimidated by it. I think we could do it with just Baby A…but I can never imagine a time where it would be fun with just K. He's very particular about his sleeping arrangements and I think it would take him about a week to even get used to the new setup. When the boys are older, I hope to be able to camp with them a lot.

  2. Your kids looking very nice and sweety.
    hiking food for dogs.

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