My neck of the woods

I’ve been so busy with Princess Stinky Pants, that I haven’t really written much lately, beyond baby updates.
Well that’s not true. I wrote a big long post the other night about co-sleeping, but it got eaten by the blogger monster while I was asleep, and has not been seen from since. I keep hoping that I’ll wake up and It’ll appear for me to post, but I doubt it.
The weather here continues to mess with my emotions, it was really nice for a few days and then it got rainy for about a week, not that big of a deal, I don’t mind the rain, but it was also chilly. Then it got nice again, really nice, now it’s cold again. Second day of summer and our high will be in the high 50’s low 60’s

Happy second day if summer? ☁☔❄ #weather #instaweather #outdoors #photo @instaweatherpro  #summer #cold
We have been planning our fall road trip/ PCS (permanent change of station, when we move to Paul’s new location) We are going to try to visit everyone, this will include stops in Az, Nm, Tx, and all the way to Va. Then head back to California after. 
I also hope to visit some mommy friends on this trip. See, when I was pregnant with Evelyn I was lucky enough to find a group of ladies all also due in December, all also first time mommies. A facebook group has formed and we have been together since, It’s been over a year now. We went through pregnancy, sickness, premie births, and late babies together, then colic, fevers, sleepless nights and wonder weeks. We are all having these milestones together, I think it’s wonderful, I can ask this group of about 80 moms, “hey is anyone else dealing with this right now?” and I have so many moms that can relate. I was also lucky enough to discover two bloggers that had babies right when I did, Mrs. K & Captain J, we were due date buddies (we were, weren’t we? oh my, baby brain has ruined my memory), but her little A came early. Then Home is wherever we are if there’s love there too, she had her little Boy J, about 26 hours after I had Evelyn. But since she’s in Japan, we actually were both having babies at very close to the same time! 
She was crying 5 seconds before. Cute little brat.
getting ready for a walk

I have been working on my physical self too. I recent started Weight Watchers again. Last time  I think I lost overall about 12 pounds. I still have lots of baby weight to loose, but I think I am down about 4 pounds since I started, which is 4 more pounds than I have lost since I came home from the hospital. I weigh in Monday, so we’ll see where we are. My initial goal is the 20ish I have to loose from pregnancy. Then I would like to loose another 20ish. I have been walking/hiking the hill outside when the weather is nice, and mostly eating better on days that I am cooped up inside. I’ve been doing insanity off and on, and I’ve even done Jillian 30 Day Shred a few times.

#insanity #babyweight #workitgurl #fitmom #dayone #beachbody #abeautifulmess
workout woes  

I had a little audience for my workout today. #insanity #workitgurl #fitmom #fitfamily #babyweightWe also have been hiking on the weekends, last weekend we followed an old rail road trail, that led to a spooky tunnel. Nope #scary #tunnelI thought my heart would explode walking through the tunnel, and if I didn’t have Paul with me I wouldn’t have gone in it, It was scary and I am pretty sure there were zombie monsters hidden in there just waiting to eat our faces. After we turned around and headed back I made us find a trail over the hill the tunnel went through because I really didn’t want to walk through it again. and that’s about it. Somehow things are crazy busy with a baby, but I don’t seem to have much to write about. That’s not true, I have a few posts started that I need to take pictures for, I’m just lazy/too busy with Baby E, to take them and finish the posts. Maybe I can find time to do that soon. Oh and don’t forget, In a few days Google Reader will close FOREVER!
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2 Responses to My neck of the woods

  1. Mrs. K says:

    Yes! We were due date buddies 🙂 Oh and I've been meaning to tell you- I got insanity! I've only done it a couple times, but WHEW! Good stuff.

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