How I really feel about PCSing

I am totally excited to get out of Montana at the end of this year. Paul got web orders and we will be out of Montana by Thanksgiving. We will miss the Marine Corps Ball again this year, but our last PCS was the same time (the same day actually) and we don’t mind. 
Shuri Castle
But I am still a little sad, not sad to leave Butte, but sad that we aren’t leaving Butte to head to Okinawa. I really had my heart set on it. I was sure it would happen. It’s what I wanted more than anything. We still hope to go back someday, maybe someday soon, but we’ll likely go to California for at least a year before we are able to even think about heading back to Okinawa. 
Best Taco Rice EVER! and the very first place I ate upon arriving in Okinawa
I am excited about California though. I am looking forward to having sushi again, and going to Ikea, having mexican food, and the beach, oh I am looking forward to the beach. It will be nice to still be in the states as Evelyn starts to grow, so she can see family, without spending a small fortune on airfare. Plus it’ll also be nice to be at a real military installation so if when we do get to go back to Okinawa, getting everything for us and the pets in order will be much easier. And I haven’t been to Disneyland in about 10 or 11 years. I am also really looking forward to big city life for a while. 
But it’s still not Okinawa. 
Pizza in the Sky (I think)
I sort of don’t know what to do with myself now that we are going to California. Moving there isn’t as big of a deal. We are pretty sure we’ll move into base housing. We’ve already decided which housing, and submitted our application. There is no prep needed for the pets. We have gotten rid of a lot of stuff since moving, and have another huge pile set aside for a yard sale in the near future.
I do spend a lot of time wondering what California life will be like though.

My house, it was the second from the left
It’s funny how I miss the things I used to hate, specifically the rain. I have been following the weather and rainy season is full force in Oki. It’ll rain for the next month or so, a lot.
We just got about 1/2 and inch of rain this weekend and I loved it. It made me miss Okinawa even more.

Zakimi Castle
I don’t think I’ll stop wondering how long before we get a chance to run away to Okinawa. And planning in my head where I want to live, and what my first meal will be.  I’ll still imagine meeting up with friends who have returned, or who are still there. I’ll dream about taking my new little family back to all my favorite places, and adventuring over the little island.

looking into town from Shuri Castle
Me hanging out with some kids at the Naha Tug-o-War 

I wonder if someday I’ll reminisce this way about Montana…

I have no idea where, Okinawa

Sorry this totally turned into a “I miss Okinawa so much sometimes I want to cry” post. 

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2 Responses to How I really feel about PCSing

  1. Mrs. K says:

    It's so weird how a place can keep a piece of your heart. I never expected to feel that way about Alaska, but every time we move, I feel a little sad that we're not headed back there. I totally get the feeling. I'm excited about reading of your adventures in Cali, though!

  2. Monique says:

    Everyone days I'm going to miss Hawaii when I leave…and most days I don't believe them. As it gets closer to moving day I find myself much more nostalgic than I thought I'd be! Hopefully I'll be able to look back on these years and be satisfied with all we accomplished and saw while we were here.Y'all have to try Hon Sushi in Oceanside! It's off Coast Hwy. It is out favorite place in SoCal! It has an all you can eat special for real cheap…and the sushi is to die for. It's all Japanese style too…down to sitting on the floor to eat at their little tables! (Don't confuse it with Hana Sushi…everyone recommends them too and while they're good…it's not the best!!)

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