How goes it in Montana?

We are still waiting on orders to Camp Pendleton. Hoping to get them any day now, but realistically since we are not moving until after October, we may not get orders until Augustish, or later.
We have not really done anything exciting this month.
WTF #winter #winterisnevergonnaend
Partly because it’s still cold as shit. This week we were under 34 degrees for about 6 days straight.
I would love to take a nap, but someone toot my pillow.
So we have been staying inside, where it is warm.
Frog legs #bostonterrier #ilovemydog #butteamerica
Hoping that May will bring warmer weather.
Just need to finish the stars! #crossstitch #crossstitching #nerdylittlestitcher
I’ve been cross stitching again. I sort of screwed this one up but I am hoping when I frame it that it’ll be okay. I didn’t center it correctly and I only have about 1/4 inch on the right side, vs about 2 inches on the right.
New glasses
Oh and I got new glasses, yay! 

Smiling at me from her bed. My heart just melts.
Little miss cranky pants has been taking up much of my time, and my hands, she prefers to have my undivided attention, and I haven’t been able to put her down much. When I do I try to use that time to do housework and cook, tis why I have been absent much the last few weeks. But today she has given me time to do things with my hands, and I cleaned the kitchen yesterday, so I am blogging today. I have several days worth of blogs for you, so stay tuned this week!

About alanamarie26

Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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