Evelyn: 17 weeks

Total slobber pants
Sleep has been rough this week. I think it’s that 4 month sleep regression I’ve read about, and her 4 month growth spurt. Last night she slept about 4-5 hours straight, and that’s the longest she has slept at once in over a week. 

I remember when I couldn’t even get her to sit propped up, now I can prop her up to stand! 
But she’s still cute as ever.

Evey sleeping in mamas lap with her furry sister
cuddles with sister Aiko

Evey had her 4 month shots today. She's 12lbs 14oz and 25 in long, And her doctor says she's developmentally a little advanced  after this photo she tried to suck on her big toe. Very advanced.....

Silly sleeps

yummy Jenny jump up




This week: 
Evelyn found her feet
and then… 
Her feet found their way into her mouth…
She got her 4 month shots too

I think I love her too much


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2 Responses to Evelyn: 17 weeks

  1. Mrs. K says:

    Look at her go! I can't believe she can semi-stand. She's such a sweet looking sleeper 🙂

  2. cyn knight says:

    omgosh so beautiful… especially love the last black and white ♥♥♥

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