Friday Letters & workout plan.

Dear Marine Corps,
Will you please at least give us web orders so we can apply for housing, so we have somewhere to live when we get to Cali? I’ve been told the wait list is lightyears long, and we need to get on it asap.
Dear Evey,
You can stop growing now. Although I love the new things you do every day.
Dear Body,
Okay we’re almost 4 months postpartum. I know I just recently started working out, but seriously, I am working out almost every day, eating healthy(er), and I seem to be gaining weight. I know, I know, muscles weigh more than fat, but give me a break. As of today I am 185, I was like 196 the day Evey was born, I have put on about 5 pounds since I brought her home. This is redic. 3 of those pounds have been put on in the last week or so. I was 160ish when I got pregnant. I’d like to be 160 ish again someday(well actually less but, 160 is a start). 
In effort to regain control of my body I am going to try to eat even better, I need to cut out something, perhaps carbs? or beer? I don’t even drink that often, maybe a beer or two, 2-3 times a week, maybe I need to cut out coffee (because I like my cream with a little coffee), oh god, I’ll die without coffee.
I am also trying to walk every day it’s not raining. 2-4 miles. I think I am going to start the 30 day shred again too. I can’t stand to even look at myself. It’s sad really. But that’s going to change.
 I am also doing this:
Everyone else is sharing their fit challenges this month, so here is the one I am doing. #babyweight #getfitapril #plank #fitness
Today will be day 5, I haven’t done it yet today, but I will, 30 seconds was tough, can’t wait for rest tomorrow.
Also going to start this one: 
I did 25 yesterday, so I guess I can start today with the 50. 
As soon as Evey-psnts lets me put her down I’ll start!

About alanamarie26

Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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2 Responses to Friday Letters & workout plan.

  1. Happy friday love! And dont worry! Your hard work will pay off!!! Just keep at it!! xoxo

  2. Mrs. K says:

    I gained a little after I lost, too. It's weird…body is all outta whack. Good luck with your fitness goals.

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