What will it be like?

I spend a lot of my time thinking about the future. It’s winter here, still, and for the most part I am bored. It’s really too cold to play outside, we are walking on warmer days, but for the most part I stay inside. Which allows my mind to wander. One thing I have been thinking is “I wish I remembered my expectations for Montana” because I spend a lot of time thinking about what my days will be like in SoCal. I want to share them, so I can look back at them and laugh in a year when I relise how different things are from what I imagined. I am sure my expectations for Montana were high, but after the first winter, which never seemed to end, I settled into how I feel now. Montana is a beautiful place to visit, but it’s just not for me, not somewhere I would ever willingly live again. 

I imagine there will be a lot of time spend on the beach. 

Hopefully with all that beach time I will get a nice sun kissed tan.

I know base housing won’t look like this, but that looks nice too.
I think that we will spend evenings walking around our neighborhood, strolling away the day. 

On weekends we will sit around the fire pit with our neighbors and friends, sipping cold drinks and laughing. 

I imagine we will be more outdoorsy, and fit. 
We will hike and walk all over So Cal. 
We will have a nice yard, and a clean house. 
Renji will get over his anxiety and he will be a happy doggie who loves to go on walks. 
We will shop, and eat sushi, and go to farmers markets. 
Paul will take more leave from work and we will take trips, like to Yosemite and San Francisco. 
We will still be in the states, and close to a major airport, so visiting family out of driving range will be cheeper (vs. living in Japan).
Our families will come out to us too, and together we will take Evey to the zoo, and the beach. 

Although I am sad we are not going to Okinawa, I am actually excited about Camp Pendleton. 
I have always secretly wanted to live in California. 
Ever since “Saved by the Bell” and “Beverly Hills 90210”, I have had this warm, fun, exciting, picture of California in my head. 
I long to live in a big city again, with real stores and little cute markets. 
I miss variety. 
I miss mild winters, and warm summers. 
In my mind California is full of all these things.
I think I am really going to enjoy our time there. 

About alanamarie26

Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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1 Response to What will it be like?

  1. Danafox says:

    Our best friends live in San Diego and my sis is in San Luis Obispo (you will be in between). All of them are former Arizonans who love the California weather and climate! I know you guys are going to enjoy all of the outside activities awaiting you! So happy for you!

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