Throwback Thursday

2010 Okinawa, Japan
Super homesick for Okinawa this morning after looking at @smartin0309 's pictures #tbt #throwbackrhursday #okinawa

Shortly after Paul came back from Afghansitan (this week 3 years ago) we went on an adventure, and stumbled upon this beautiful beach up North the East coast of Okinawa. 

2010 #tbt #throwbackrhursday #okinawa #AmericanVillage #boardwalk #ferriswheel

American Village ferris wheel

Hopefully this time next year we will be back. #okinawa #throwbackthursday

Sunabe Seawall

Morning in Okinawa #tbt #throwbackthursday #okinawa

Early morning over the Pacific

#tbt #sunabegyro #sunabe #okinawa #throwbackthursday

Sunabe Gyro

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2 Responses to Throwback Thursday

  1. Kara says:

    This makes me want to retake all those shots.

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