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Jessica over at Adventures of an Airman’s wife got the liebister blog award and opened her questions up to whomever wanted to answer them. Well I figured with so many new followers what better way to reintroduce myself than to answer her questions, because they are good questions. So 11 facts and 11 questions.

1. I hate carrots so much I tell people I am allergic so I don’t need to explain my childish hatred for them.
2. I would love to retire abroad.
3. I rarely wear more makeup than tinted moisturizer  
4. I dont wear much jewelry, even rarely wear my wedding ring
5. I have a problem with craft supplies, I have quite a selection huge of yarn and fabric, but I don’t knit or sew very often.
6. But I can knit, and very well I think
7. I don’t like ketchup either.
8. I’ve recently started watching Downton Abby and I’m slightly obsessed with it.
9. I once had my ears gauged to 00, I’ve also had lots of piercings.
10. I have 6 tattoos, but often forget about two of them because they are on my back and I cant see them so I forget about them.
11. I’m a mac user, and even though I think that the samsung tablet may be better than the iPad (and cheeper) When it comes time for me to get a tablet, I’ll get an iPad for compatibility.

Jessica’s Questions:

1. If you could plan a weekend away, where would you go and what would you do? Assuming I don’t have unlimited airfare, and I can’t just go anywhere in the world, I would say a trip to Seattle would be cool. The only time I have ever been was before we moved to Okinawa and we stayed two nights there before we flew away. If I could go anywhere in the world, and it was a long weekend, I think Greece, or Italy. I love Japan, but I plan on moving back there, just going to visit would be cruel to my heart. 
2. Favorite vacation you have been on? Summer vacations as a kid were awesome, I really miss going to Pinetop, Arizona every summer and doing crafts, walking in the woods, fishing, feeding the creatures from the porch. 

3. Favorite animal? I’m a big fan of Elephants 

4. Growing up who did you want to marry? Probably Patrick Swayze or Jordan Knight 

5. If you could only dessert for a week what would you have? Tiramisu, white birthday cake, vanilla ice cream, cookie cake. 

6. Favorite meal to cook at home? I used to love to cook, now not so much, but I like quick and easy so my vote is Mac & Cheese and hot dogs. I also like to cook French Onion Soup, but it’s a huge production and takes FOREVER. 

7. Would you rather go on an Alaskan cruise or a Caribbean cruise? Oh, that’s a tough one. Both would be super awesome, I think Caribbean though, especially after I have spent the last 3 years living in the great white north, I am ready for some sun. 

8. Favorite movie you could watch over and over? Three Amigos, no joke, I am actually watching it right now. 

9. If you had to eat at one restaurant for the rest of your life what would it be? In America something mexican, in Japan, Sushi Zen or Yoshi Hachi. 

10. Are you a momma’s girl or daddy’s girl? Really I think I am equally both, I went back and fourth growing up, but now I think both, maybe a little more mommas girl. 

11. Favorite boy’s name and Favorite girl’s name? I could never decide on a boy name, thats why I am so glad I have a girl. Maybe Phillip or Bryce. For a girl maybe Violet, or Penelope, Olivia, Emma. I can’t pick just one. 

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Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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2 Responses to Me Me Me

  1. Jessica says:

    Are you still in Okinawa? Crazy! Also I love the name Olivia!!

  2. Jessica says:

    Are you still in Okinawa? Crazy! Also I love the name Olivia!!

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