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I’m a bit obsessed with the weather. Perhaps it’s because I live somewhere with such miserable and unpredictable weather. Or maybe because it really influences how I feel for the day. Warm and sunny- happy; cold and overcast- bleh.
My obsession has led me to collect weather apps on my phone. I joke that I have so many because if I don’t like one forecast I can just check a different app. This isn’t too far from the truth. If one forecast makes me sad I can look for a better one, one that can give me hope for a warmer future. Haha, so I collect weather apps.

Well one of my favorites (and a free app) is AccuWeather it took me a bit to figure out all the features but its got some cool add-ons that other apps don’t have.
Pretty typical weather, sunrise, sunset, wind and stuff.
forecast, But look at wednesday See that !
When I click on the ! it gives me the weather warning. Cool! 
I can also see all these other cool forecastey things
Beachgoing sucks in Montana right now. Poor beaches, being all left alone. 
I really like this app, and highly recommend it to people with unpredictable weather. It changes quite frequently here and this app is usually pretty spot on with the forecasts. 
This review is my own, I just wanted to share, AccuWeather doesn’t even know I exist. 

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Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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  1. "If I don't like one forecast I can check a different app." Hahaha I love this, and am guilty of doing it too. "Nah, this is bullshit… Next!"

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