Evelyn: 11 weeks

This week Evey is 11 weeks. We started this week out rough, Daddy was sick last week so it was my turn to be sick this week, then Monday Paul went to SLC for the week for training, and monday night poor little Evey got sick.
Talking to herself in the mirror.
She tuckered herself out.
Monday during the day she was all smiles and giggles, but towards the end of the day, cranky set in, and fussy soon followed. 
Shortly before I discovered her fever she fell asleep in my lap. 
She is so cranky tonight. I think just overly tired. She had two or three 10-20 min naps today. Usually has that plus one that's 2-3 hours. Finally she nursed herself to sleep.  Now I'm afraid to move.
She was never inconsolable, so I wasn’t too terribly worried, but I gave her some Tylenol and a few hours later her fever came back, so I was a little worried. After the second dose her fever never came back. It also never got above 99.7, but it was 11pm, Paul was gone, our doctor is in Helena, and the internet was telling me that with her being under 3 months her fever hit 100.4 it warranted calling the doctor ASAP or taking her in. 
She slept through the night, but I didn’t, I spent most of the night checking her temp every couple of hours. 

After running a fever for most of the night, we are all smiles today.
But she woke up the next morning all smiles, and all was right in the world. 
Then we discovered the magic of nap time, and mommy got some housework done. While Renji babysat. 
We are learning to use our hands too! 

 Happy 11 week birthday!
The official 11 weeks shot!
Getting so good at lifting her head!

We are also cloth 100% of the time we are home, we only use paper diapers when we leave the house. I was a little worried about cloth overnight, but she’s done great and only peed through one diaper, it was in my bed too, yay! 

This week Evey:
Had her first fever (besides the one after shots, but I don’t count that)
Found her hands
Started grabbing things
Now has a nap time.  

Trying to get her smile. I got this instead.

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