Checking in on my 30 in 30

1. Have a Baby! … Done! 
2. Go fishing and catch something… not yet, maybe this summer
3. Try (really try) to enjoy our last winter in Montana. … I’m trying, so hard, but it’s so cold!
4. Go to at least one national park. … Plans for this summer!
5. Loose the baby weight, however much it may be. … Just started working on this and then I got sick. Starting again maybe today or tomorrow.
6. Learn to play my Ukulele. … not yet, but my daddy tuned it. 
7. Knit cute winter clothes for baby. … nope
8. Grow my hair out, at least enough for a ponytail. ..I had little pig tails, but I cut them off, trying to cut out icky yuck hair. 
9. Dye it pink again. … maybe next year. 
10. Learn to coupon. … I’ve been couponing, sometimes. 
11. Get family portraits done. ...Done! We did our newborn shots and there are a few of the three of us. 
12. Boost my blog following (Ideas on how to do this are welcome) … This is an ongoing process, as usual.
13. Get my FASFA done. …School just isn’t happening not this year
14. Register for fall classes.  … see above
15. Walk the dogs more often. … I was doing okay on this, then it got cold and the dogs don’t like the cold. 
16. Either a. learn blog layout design, or b. pay someone to make me a new blog. … I think I am going to pay for one next month. 
17. Get rid of HUGE amounts of our stuff to prep for moving next winter.This has been happening, and it feels great! 
18. Re-read Harry Potter. … Not yet, but I did get the bluray box set and watched every single one!
19. Go hiking again. … again not yet, it wasn’t possible while I was prego, I was in too much pain, but I have been cleared for a month now, so as soon as it warms up!
20. DIY decor for babys room via pinterest ideas. I have started this, I’ll post as soon as I get her room set up! 
21. Knit two baby blankets (0/2) one is started! 
22. Visit my sister in Albuquerque Not yet! maybe in the fall though. 

23. Learn some photo editing software … I doubt this will happpen

24. Stop being a recluse.  …This has gotten worse since baby. 
25. Have friends over for a BBQ…. I had a baby shower at my house, not a BBQ but still had people over!
26. Cook more & Eat out less. … Since Evey this is the norm now, I cook almost every night.
27. Remember birthdays/ holidays and send out cards on time. …This will never happen, anyone who expects it to should lower their expectations of me 🙂 
28. Get better at keeping up with the housework. …Soon, I swear. 
29. Take lots of FUN pictures of our little girl!… This I do, I take lots and lots of pictures of her. 
30. Thrift more…. I have donated more to thrift stores, I think that counts. 
So 8 out of 30, not bad for me! and I still have plenty of time, I know I won’t finish, like the school thing, or going to Albuquerque before July, but I can really make a dent in this list! 

About alanamarie26

Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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