My moving (PCS) tips

I considered this move our trial move, a move to get us ready for our big move at the end of the year. We only moved an hour and a half away but we got to use TMO (where the military pays to move our stuff), most of the same rules still applied. We had a weight restriction, we had to separate pro gear (professional things that are needed for Paul to do his job), and then there we’re things we got away with that we normally wouldn’t, like them moving my wine, and all of our other booze. We were allotted 13,000 pounds, our weight came to around 13,400. We think this is before pro gear so that’s minus about 600 pounds. So we barely made it. Now they packed our pantry (im a food hoarder) and our alcohol. Which normally wouldn’t happen. So that was a few hundred pounds right there. We also have some very large pieces of furniture. And I have a lot of kitchen stuff.

Even though we have moved several times, I never remember the important things. 

1. Clean/purge before the movers show up. You’ll have less stuff to move, and less to unpack. You’ll inevitably find things while unpacking that you want to get rid of, but it’ll be less overwhelming (and take up less space in your new house) if you have already gotten rid of crap you don’t need. 
This is a really big deal if you are doing an overseas move, when/if we get our next set of orders overseas we will be even more limited on what we can bring with us. 10% of our normal weight plus pro gear. So really think about what you want/need. The rest can go into storage, or to Goodwill. 
2. Set aside things you want to move yourself. It’s winter here, and I didn’t set aside my jacket. I finally found it almost a week later in a box of books. It’s not too terribly cold, thankfully, but It would have been nice to have earlier. We also a few changes of clothes, a couple towels, baby, doggy and kitty stuff, and some TP. 
3. When grocery shopping think about the fact you are moving weeks or maybe months before you move. We had a pantry filled to the brim with box dinner, hamburger helper, noodles, canned goods, and alcohol. We should have been having Margarita monday sooner, and I should have been eating down the pantry food as opposed to buying more boxes of cake mix and canned soup on clearance.  
4. When the time comes, and the movers will be arriving soon, it may be best to attach cables to things they belong to, we found computer power cables in boxes that were not even from the office. That made setting things up a bit of a pain in the ass. So next time we will duct tape them to the computers. 
This time as we’ve been unpacking I’ve been asking myself  “Do I need it? Why? When was the last time I  used it? Do I really need it? How expensive would it be to replace if I wanted one again?” I have a lot of shit I don’t need. I also have a lot of stuff I keep for sentimental reasons. But you know what? who needs a box of 30 VHS tapes? even if they are sentimental for some silly reason no one understands but you? okay, well I do, and I’m not ready to part with them just yet. But there is so much more stuff I could have trashed a long time ago that I have just been hoarding. Like craft supplies. I have cheep crappy yarn coming out my ears, and now living in a smaller house with no craft room, it’s in my face all day long. As soon as we get the living room/dining room set up I am going to donate most of it. I also have a lot of nick-nacks, way more than anyone needs. I love elephants, and I have dozens of elephants, wooden, ceramic, glass, stone, small, tiny, huge, and no where to display them. They will likely be something that gets re-packed and tucked away at this house unless we put up shelves or something.

Another things I have way too much of is clothing. But I just had a baby (8 weeks ago) and nothing fits. I am still wearing maternity pants and baggy t-shirts. So I have a hard time getting rid of clothes simply because they do not fit, because as soon as I loose this baby weight they will fit. But normally this would bea good time to look into those bags of “don’t throw away” clothes and just toss them.

So those are my tips, and thoughts on moving. Leave me your tips in the comments!

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Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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