Winter is horrible

As we prepare to move to yet another location in the Great White North, I have been pondering weather patterns. Everyone from around here says “Butte is way colder than Helena”. 

Current temp via weather app on my Mac Book

Great, because I think it’s cold enough here. I don’t need to move somewhere colder. I am so over the cold. I really hope when we get our next duty station in the fall that it’s far, far, away from winter, and snow, and has temperatures that don’t get anywhere near freezing. 

If you ever plan on moving to, or visiting Montana, you may find this info useful. If not you can at least look at it and pity me. 

Lowest recorded was -52. That’s bananas. Last week it was -22 one morning. 
F that. 

But according to the above and the below charts after February it should start warming up significantly. Yay!

Just to give you an idea of Helena vs. Butte: 

Helena’s a little warmer, but not a hell of a lot. 

And just for fun, lets compare Butte to Tucson, where I grew up: 

(all weather averages were screen shots from unless otherwise noted)

Also I know I have shared I am moving to Walkerville, not Butte. But for all intents and purposes of this blog they are the same. 

– Alana

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Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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1 Response to Winter is horrible

  1. Vashelle N. says:

    -52 degrees!?? Omg…I was born in Arizona,spent 18 years in Texas…and currently living in Hawaii. I don't think my body could ever acclimate! I did live in Germany for three years though, and loved the snow. Oddly, it never seemed that cold to me. I was a kid though, that may be why. I hope and pray your next duty station is somewhere warmer 🙂

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