Evelyn: 5 weeks

This week Evey has been a little more fussy than normal. I think she’s been having a growth spurt. According to my scale she is about 10.5 pounds. 
Not really much happened this week. I was not feeling well (wicked sore throat), so we spent most of the week not doing much. This week I cut milk out of my diet as a little test. Before I had Evelyn dairy (mostly just milk) upset my stomach, but I often had it anyway. While pregnant I had no issues with dairy, but I’ve noticed It’s been upsetting my stomach again, also Evey seems extra gassy on days that I’ve had an upset tummy. So I cut dairy out and we both seem to be less gassy, but Evey has been more fussy. I am not sure what that means, if anything. 
loving her play mat
I think that's a smile
Smiles in her sleep
But I'm not tired! Not one bit! I swear!
trying to stay up late
Princess chubby cheeks
Princess Chubby Cheeks

teeny tootsies
She loves her Boston Terrier sweater. 
week 5, growing into that dress slowly 
See, way more fussy this week
getting longer every day! 
My Stinky Princess 
New this week:
we have lots of smiles (I am pretty sure she even smiled at me)
and lots of eye contact
Evey is very vocal
she’s in cloth diapers almost exclusively (except at night and when we leave the house)
she’s awake more than asleep


Credit for my inspiration for these weekly update posts to Erica, at To The Sea.

– Alana


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Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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