One Month!

Evey turned one month old a few days ago. 
And clearly she wasn’t too happy about it. 

does taking her picture while she’s crying make me a bad mom?
I love her little curled up toes!
This month Evey likes:
Being held
Being sung to 
Taking baths with mommy
Car rides
getting her feet licked by the dogs

Evey dislikes:
Bed time
Having her arms swaddled

  Your first month has flown by, I can’t believe four weeks ago you were still brand new to me. You were, and still are so easy to take care of. You sleep at night and nap most of the day, you are quiet and barely cry, and when you do it’s just for boob. It may make me a bad mom, but I actually think your cry is cute. The few times that you have totally flipped out and just wailed until you were purple, you sound just adorable. I have no idea what the next few months have to hold for us. Every day I wonder what you will do next. Part of me can’t wait for your achievements, and part of me wants you to stay tiny and never change. 
To be completely honest I think that this is too good to be true. I don’t know what I did to deserve a baby as good as you. I can’t believe you are so calm and quiet. It’s almost like I am waiting for the other shoe to drop. I am waiting for you to turn into a screamer or to switch your days and nights and totally deprive me of sleep, or spend all your awake time fussing until we both cry. I hate to admit it but sometimes I wonder if there is something wrong. You are just too perfect, too good. Maybe we are just good parents, Maybe waiting until we were older was good for us. Maybe this whole time I was cut out to just be a mom. 
As I write this you are giggling and “talking” beside me, in your rocker. You just smiled at me. I love you so much, more than I ever thought I could, You are just so cute. I hope that someday you can look back at these letters I am writing, maybe when you have your own baby, and smile, knowing how happy you’ve made me, Because I finally understand just how much my parents love me. 

– Alana

About alanamarie26

Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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1 Response to One Month!

  1. Mrs. K says:

    I went through that with A, too! I just knew the bottom was going to drop out. I can't believe what an easy baby he has been.

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