Evey’s Favorite Things

Even though she’s just a little tiny thing, Evelyn has already taken a liking to certain things that we have gotten for her.

Fisher Price Rock and Play Sleeper

 One of these things is the Fisher Price Rock and Play. She loves it, so do we. It’s something I registered for, and didn’t give it much thought, just “that would be nice”.  My mom got it for us and I really didn’t think we’d use it a whole lot. But I was so wrong.
I like that it gives me a chance to put her down and do things, I can do some laundry, or load the dishwasher. It’s light weight enough that I can carry it into the bathroom, so she can be in there while I shower.  She naps very well in it throughout the day. She can still be right next to me, and she is up away from the dogs, and still able to see me when she wakes up.

(UPDATE 1/10/13)I am aware there has been a recall on this product due to a molding possibility. I think it’s more of a common sense thing, keep your baby stuff clean and dry. Fisher Price Recall articleHow to clean, from Fisher Price 

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1 Response to Evey’s Favorite Things

  1. cyn knight says:

    she is just so tiny & precious… hard to remember ANY of my kiddos that small.xxoo

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