Evelyn 3 Weeks

My little one is three weeks old today. 
We had a checkup at the doctor and Evey is 9 lbs 2 oz and 22 inches long. 
Chillin in her cloth diaper
 This week daddy went back to work again on wednesday. Things have been pretty quiet. I have been a bit under the weather, I think fighting a cold. I’ve also been dying to get back to the chiropractor.
With a pretty bow
We finally made it to the chiropractor yesterday. Both of us got adjusted. Julie, my chiro warned me that after babies get adjusted sometimes they poop a lot. Last night, I was on the phone with my mom,  holding Evey, I smelled poop, It went away quickly so I thought it was a fart. Then Renji climbed up into my lap with her and starts trying to lick my shirt. I looked down and Evey and I were both covered in shit. Covered in it. She pooped so much it came out of the front of her diaper. We both showered together and got it cleaned up. But it was really, really gross. 
Slowly growing into her dress.
(Which she just peed in)

She has grown so much! We have grown together. I am getting more used to taking care of her. Breast feeding works very well for us, and we really have the hang of it. We sort of have a routine down, it varies a little every day, but we’re getting it. Being a mommy isn’t as hard as I had imagined. Evey is a really good baby. I love having her around and I love talking to her. Taking care of her makes me feel so important. 
Well enough about me, what about her? 
This week: 
Huge increase in eye contact
Watched Star Wars IV for the first time
Pooped all over mom

Hammie, Squirmy Wormy & Stinky

I need to give credit for my inspiration for these weekly update posts to Erica, at MiTodo who does weekly update posts for her daughter Eva. 

– Alana

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  1. lol! shit definitely happens. i've never been to a chiro but i'm dying to!

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