Okinawa Dreamin’

I dreamt I was in Okinawa last night.
Camp Courtney Beach, Okinawa 2008
Camp Courtney Okinawa Beach
(first time at the beach in Okinawa)

Over the last few months my obsessing over Okinawa has tapered off, but I still think about going back often. We’ve got less than a year left here in Montana. We are still living in Helena, even though we are awaiting paperwork to move to Butte. I sometimes think that we will get our orders to our next duty station (hopefully Okinawa) before we get authorization to move to Butte, and that Paul will just continue to commute for the next 9-10 months. (I actually highly doubt that scenario will happen, but they are totally screwing with us making us wait, when we are just going to move again in the fall)

The View from our off base house

Our Uezu house, Paul & his Skyline, & Aiko pants

In my dream I was walking to my old house, I wanted to see it again. But when I got there the house, and the ones around it were gone. They had been torn down and replaced with some store. It made me so sad that my old house was gone. I talked with the owner of the store, I don’t remember about what, and then I continued my walk up the street. Just looking at all the other houses. While in my dream seemed to be correct, but as I sit here and picture my dream the whole surrounding area looked nothing like my neighborhood. 
Often when I dream of Okinawa I am just walking around, or trying to get to the old house. I don’t know what that means. Maybe that I just really miss it? Or that, that place felt more like home than where we are now? 

Sunabe Gyro

But we want to go back. I want to have the experience Okinawa as a family. I want my daughter to be able to say she lived in Japan, I want pictures of her doing all the fun things we did. I want to take her to the beach, and for bike rides. And the food! Wow the food is just amazing there, you can get Japanese, Indian, Burgers, Mexican (? not real mexican but interestingly good mexican), Sushi, Thai, Greek, Curry, Hot Wings, Pizza, all kinds of crazy stuff. 

Ocean through the trees

Heavy Rain

Lost in translation

Aiko Swimming at the beach

Plus I just miss it, I miss everything about it, even the things I hated. I miss the rain. It never rains here. It just snows and it’s cold. I miss the food variety, the vast stores with so much fun stuff to discover.  I remember hating the sounds of the cicadas in the jungle behind my house. But when I watch OkiNinjaKitty’s You-Tube videos from the summer, and I hear them in the background, I miss them.

Looking at pictures, and watching videos for this post really made me sad. I probably shouldn’t have done it, Now I am going to end up looking for houses to rent on Total Okinawa Rental Listings (BTW if you are reading this looking for info on moving to Okinawa, Total Okinawa is a great resource, as well as Okinawa Hai) .

(Blogger you should let me edit my post while you upload pictures, that would make my life easier)

– Alana


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One Response to Okinawa Dreamin’

  1. Poe Kitten says:

    I lived in Viet Nam for two years and I still miss it, so I understand your longing to return!

    Thanks for linking up at Flashback Friday!

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