39 weeks

39 weeks. Any day now! #pregnancy #39weeks #babyE

haha, look at all the little stretched out flowers. My poor shirt. 

So we’ve arrived at 39 weeks. Mom and sister will be here tomorrow so Baby E can come any time.
Part of me just wants her to come this weekend. But part of me wants her to wait. She can wait until Sunday and steal Renji’s birthday on the 2nd, a few days later is my dads birthday, the 7th (her due date) is Pearl Harbor day. But I would really like to have her on or before her due date.

I am so full of baby. I feel huge and tired all the time. My sciatic hurts after one trip up the stairs with the laundry. My pregnancy symptoms are normal, sciatic pain, minor cramping, BH contractions. Not much as far as cravings.. well I really want sonic now that I think about it, but I am not driving an hour and a half just for a cheeseburger, a juicy delicious cheeseburger, with jalapeños and mayo and cheese, and tater tots, and a cherry doctor pepper and… no not driving an hour and a half just for that….
I have been wearing my glasses lately, remember them? well I wore them for most of the spring and a little in the summer, then they got annoying because I couldn’t really tell a difference with out without them. Well the last month or so I’ve noticed I can’t read the DirecTV menu very well, it was blurry, and then it got to where the actual TV shows seemed a little fuzzy. Then it started to effect my interneting. So I dug them out of my glove box and now I wear them about 60% of the time I am home. I don’t wear them out of the house though. I don’t feel I need them to grocery shop or eat, and those are the only two things I leave the house for nowadays.

I had really put off baby prep because I thought we would be moving very soon, but it’s looking like we could move next week, or maybe next month (January), and with it being highly likely she’ll arrive before we move, or even have orders, I need to do a few things. Like I need to move her stuff into my room. She cannot live in the living room, where all of her stuff currently resides. But that means I need to clean my room. haha, I sound like a teenager. But really, I have laundry (mostly clean) all over the floor and I need to get that cleaned up. We have everything we need, but I was just going to wing it. I still will have to but I’ll be making it up as I go along here, instead of wherever we end up living.

I also need to box up the stuff we aren’t going to need right away, like the cutsy decorations, and clothing 3mos and up. All of which is also currently in my living room. I have a few things I need to order still, baby monitor, sheets for the pack n play, the sheets are all I really need, because she’ll be sleeping in the pack n play and her rocking bed thing until we move. and I need to sew the changing pad covers, even though we won’t be using the changing pad until we set up her room, I’ll just change her on the pack and play, or wherever I am sitting when she potties. But I think I’m as ready as I can be.

– Alana
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( I would like to acknowledge  that little meltdown yesterday, Pregnancy has really messed with my emotions and sometimes you just need to let it out. I wont take it down, because it’s still all true, but had I been in a normal state of mind I would have kept that to myself.) 

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2 Responses to 39 weeks

  1. rebecca says:

    aww you look wonderful. I just had my baby. He came exactly on my 39 week mark. Can't wait to hear when your little one arrives!

  2. Yay 39 weeks! Glad your mom and sister are coming! You look great!

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