37 weeks (& 4 days) update

Holy Frijoles I am 3 weeks away from having a baby. That ish is bananas. B.A.N.A.N.A.S.


Today is one of the first days in a while I have felt pretty. So I savored it and ran all kinds of errands I was saving for tomorrow, because who knows, Tomorrow I may look like shit again.

How far along? 37 w 4 d
Size of baby? Watermelon (19-22 inch 6.5-7 pounds)
Weight gain? Hanging tough at just around 30, not bad I guess. Still under 200 which is my goal. 
Sleep?  not so much, I pee about 300 times a night so sleep sucks.
Best Moment of the Week? I ordered my car seat, that’s pretty darn exciting. Oh and husbeast cleaned the kitchen, I am forever grateful
Miss anything? Dude I want a margarita so bad. A big ass, cold, margarita. Oh and I miss being able to “hold it” now when I gotta pee, it’s a right now kinda thing.  
Movement? Punch, Punch, Punch, on my bladder goes the baby. Plus the hiccups, don’t get me wrong, I love her and I adore feeling her move but she has the hiccups ALL THE TIME! and it’s really annoying. It’s like a muscle twitch in you belly that keeps coming back, like 5-6 times a day!
Food Cravings? Not really, I want soda, and I could go for a burger. But nothing I really really want. 
Gender? I have this nagging fear that she will be a he. Symptoms? Acne has returned with a vengeance, as with sciatic pain, and my crotch hurts.  
Belly button in or out? .Still in, I think it wont pop. Its almost flush with my belly skin, but it’s still a little in. 
Looking forward to: My mom getting here so I can stop worrying about her coming before.  
Next baby boy check-up?: Next monday! 

Other that that, lets see… Doctor says I am measuring right on, and on the 3rd she is going to strip my membranes. But I am hoping on the third I will go in and she will say “nope, you’re ready to go, meet you at the hospital in a bit!”  
I am still nervous about the housing situation, but we found one, and I got an email from the lady today and she is going to continue to hold it for us because our situation is out of our hands. I just hope that we get word this week. 
Car seat should be here tomorrow! Then we are as ready as we can be. I got my maternity photos back, I’ll share them soon. 

– Alana
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Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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3 Responses to 37 weeks (& 4 days) update

  1. cyn knight says:

    you look beautiful!i always had that nagging fear that skylar was going to be boy too — and i had the sciatic & crotch pain with her too.preganacy is SO weird… lol

  2. Danafox says:

    You look so beautiful in this photo! Looking forward to seeing your maternity pictures too!

  3. Mrs. K says:

    I wish we were moving into houses right beside each other so we could drink margaritas and cheers each other to a well-done pregnancy. I swear, there's not enough tequilla in the world to get me through this thanksgiving (inlaws are coming) but I intend to make up for all that once baby arrives.

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