Another Tuesday, Another Instagram link up!
Taco plays with leftover baby-shower balloons, as he lays in the pile of clothes I am trying to sort.

Taco enjoying the sunny spot and a ballon string, in a pile of baby stuff that I was trying to sort.

Renji took Aikos toy and then fell asleep on it. Sibling love. #bostonterrier #ilovemydog #dogsofinstagram

Renji-sarus-rex took his sisters piggy from her and fell asleep with it in his mouth, on my lap.

Nice and warm.  #fireplace #warm

While we were away at the Marine Corps Ball last week we had a fireplace in our room, and the heat didn’t work so well so every moment we were in there this bad boy was roaring!

2012 Marine Corps Birthday Ball

At the Ball

For about the last week, I've been washing and folding E's clothing and bedding. I can't wait until I have somewhere to put it!! #baby #pregnancy #nesting #laundry

I’ve been washing and folding all of Baby E’s stuff, I can’t wait until I have somewhere to put it.
(see that little pile of socks? yeah, I already have socks missing their pairs, although I think I just put them in the wash with the last load of 0-3 months.)

Started packing the baby E's diaper bag!! #HelloKitty #baby #pregnancy

I packed up her diaper bag!

Got the pack and play put together and now using it to store all the baby stuff. I  the pattern. #baby #pregnancy #packandplay #graco

Last night we set up the pack and play to make sure we had all the parts, we do. Now we are using it for storage for all her stuff. (I am so in love with the pattern and colors.)

Well that is all for today, go over to Janes Blog to link up and share your instagrams too! and follow me on instagram at alanamarie26!

– Alana

About alanamarie26

Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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2 Responses to InstaTuesday!

  1. Danafox says:

    I love how the pack-and-play has such a lovely design and color scheme. I like the new shift I am seeing in the market from baby stuff being geared towards baby to marketing stuff that Moms like too! I love the pic of you two from the ball! So happy!It looks like you are all prepared. Good luck Banana! Your Baby E is almost here!

  2. Jane says:

    Awww piggie cuddles! How nice having a fireplace in the room. So romantic and cozy. I LOVE your dress. You look beautiful and absolutely glowing.

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