More pregnancy fun!

These are some of the things they don’t tell you, or maybe they do, I just stopped reading all the pregnancy books around 24 weeks, because I know everything.

Nothing is a certainty, Everyone has experiences, Not all experiences are the same. Although the way I write, it sounds like this is all going to happen, if you are reading this and have never been pregnant, you should know that everyones experiences are different. 

You will become a mouth breather. We have been trying to move, and find a house, in my last trimester. There was one house I looked at while Paul was out of town. I made a video of this house to send to him so he could get an idea, the whole video you can hear me breathing, and sniffling, loudly.

Feeling the baby move is amazing. You may even learn tricks to ‘make’ her move, I would play song pop, with my iPhone propped up on my chest or boob, she either loved it or hated it (I may never know), but it always made her move. (fyi- she’s being extra wiggly right now)

You will pee, when you don’t expect it. It may be when you think you are done peeing and you stand up, it may be when you sneeze, it may happen when you laugh really hard, but it will happen, at least once.

There will come a point where nothing will fit, not even your maternity pants. This is when I was pretty much permanently wearing Pauls t-shirts and no pants. If I had to leave the house I could wear the maternity pants, but not comfortably. This started around month 7 for me.

Everyone has advice, not all of it is good. If you question something, or if something sounds silly ask your OB or trust your gut or google it. I was told by one woman that reaching over my head will cause the cord to wrap around the babies neck. This is an old wives tale and not true. Can you imagine not reaching over your head for any extended period of time? Need to water your hanging plants? Nope. Need to get down the crock pot from the top of the pantry? Nope. Grocery puts the hot sauce up on the high shelves? None for you. Yeah that’s just silly.

There will also come a time when you decide that you hate the way you look, you aren’t cute anymore (I never really thought I was but that’s not the point) You will hate your hair, or your weight gain, or your cankles. They say this gets better, and it’s not a good time to make any drastic changes in your appearance i.e. don’t go for a drastic new hairstyle to try to make yourself fell better.
Don’t worry though, you will have good days too, days where you love your body, and your bump. You will have days that you feel pretty.

If you get the ‘Pregnancy Acne’ It will probably be bad. Maybe you won’t get it, but if you do I am sorry. I found nothing that even almost worked. But my problem wasn’t entirely just acne.

Moodswings suck, that’s not really a secret though, I’ve had days where I have been laughing with my husband one moment, and the next I was in tears accusing him of being a horrible person. It just happens, warn your husband ahead of time, hopefully yours will be as understanding as mine.

Things like eating are going to get uncomfortable. As your baby grows it is going to squish everything inside you. Yes you grow and stretch too, but things are still being compacted, and you will have a hard time breathing too, but your stomach is going to have even less room to expand as you eat, so you can’t eat as much. So make what you eat count. Yeah I have days where I binge on carbs, but I try to eat healthy too, well at least I think about it…
But as you progress you will probably not be as picky of an eater. Once I hit third trimester, I would eat just about anything.

You kind of have to take things with a grain of salt though, I think I’ve become more laid back, and forgiving, sometimes things just suck, and people will piss you off, and your body will hate you. But there isn’t anything you can do about it, because you are making something amazing.

And as horrible as you may feel, you aren’t the first person to feel horrible, and you won’t be the last. Women have been doing this for gazillions of years, and will keep it up for gazillions more. I hope one day I can look back at this time and smile, and remember the good, and not the bad.

For my next pregnancy, I will plan it better. Knowing what I know now, I don’t want to be 2nd or 3rd trimester for any extended period of time in the summer. I was miserable. Now that the weather has cooled off I actually feel much better, my swelling has gone down, my mood is a little better, and these are things that are said to be worse at the end of pregnancy. Nope, mine (especially the swelling) tapered off after the temps dropped below 75. 

– Alana


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One Response to More pregnancy fun!

  1. Mrs. K says:

    Amen!When I was pregnant with K, it was dreadfully hot. The day we brought him home from the hospital, it was 116 degrees F. Awful. So as much as I complain about this pregnancy? The last was probably worse 😉

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