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Maybe I’m just being a whiner, but I think the military is trying to ruin the last few months of my pregnancy. I am due Dec 7th. Paul is being transfereed to Butte (about an hour south of us) sometime in the next month. 
But they can’t give us a date, they have told him that there is no way he will have funding or approval to move in the first half of November. So that puts us moving, at the earliest three weeks before my due date. Which I had already accepted. I don’t want to move until after the Marine Corps Ball anyway. But the thing is we may not get funds and orders until Dec 1. 
I am fairly certain that even if we get approval on one day, it’ll still take a week or at the very least a few days to get movers in order. 
I don’t know what to do. I am such a mess right now. I doubt the house we found will hold it for us until who knows when. I don’t know if it would be a better idea to just stay here until after Baby E is born. 
I am so sad at the thought that we are going to loose the house. I am stressed at the thought that we could be stuck here, when I just accepted the fact that we are moving, until we find another house.
This is really stressing me out, I am really getting down about this. I am not the least bit excited about whats happening, not excited about baby, just stressed. I am back to not doing anything to prep for baby, just stressed about where we will be living. 
I know it’ll all work out. Paul keeps telling me he’ll handle it, but this isn’t something small like a car, or a bill. This is such a cluster fuck that I feel like I am loosing it. 
I can’t not be stressed when I am about to bring a small person into this world and I have no idea where I am going to put it. 
It’s so frustrating because to a certain extent we planned this pregnancy, knowing we’d be stable, we were going to be stateside until at least 2013, we had no idea that a transfer was on the horizon. Things were going to be perfect, things were going to run smoothly. Now things are just a mess. 

– Alana

About alanamarie26

Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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3 Responses to my blog is my diary

  1. Holly says:

    Sorry to hear this 😦 That is definitely military life. Hope things get better!

  2. Mrs. K says:

    Boo. No one should have to deal with this. I've been there, too. We moved here just a couple weeks before I was due with our first and then it took them forever to get our furniture here. It was a nightmare. I definitely know how it feels to just not be excited b/c there's no place to nest, no solid plans, and no freakin' house for crying out loud. I'm sorry you're dealing with all this at the end of the pregnancy. I hope everything starts to fall into place for ya.

  3. Danafox says:

    Oh Banana — this situation is the pits! I am sending positive thoughts and prayers your way. Things will work out, I promise! When your hubby says that he will handle it, trust him. He loves you and Baby E, he will help get you through this. Everything will fall into place, keep your chin up, kid! 🙂

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