Lets blog about not blogging!

I’ve been MIA still, despite my best efforts I’ve really not been online at all much the last few weeks. I have over 350 (it was 400 this am) blogs to catch up on in Google Reader. I have barely been on facebook except to stalk a few people. And I clearly haven’t been blogging.

What do I have to show for it?

A clean house?
Laundry all put away?
Is the laundry even done?
How about the bathroom? That’s been on your to-do list of cleaning for two weeks now.
Dishes, you’ve at least done dishes right?
only when I ran out of knives to cream cheese my bagel.

But I should have a decent paycheck headed my way because I worked a few extra days this week. And sadly I physically paid for that. I had some uncomfortable contractions off and on this week, plus some really sexy feet/cankle swelling. I have a friend who has never really in her life been on the internet, and she has barely used a computer beyond simple work stuff. So Paul and I visited her to set up her internet and get her iPad online so she can join in on all the social networking and stalk ex’s like the rest of us.

Today I was super productive though, I got up and got my newspaper, which to my dismay had no coupons. But the Target ad was nice, and I may go buy a crib this week. I also worked on a project that Paul and I have been working on during our spare time for over a month now. We should finish this week and I’ll post lots of pictures then but for now here’s a sneak peek.

I also did the dishes (even the hand wash!) and made myself dinner. I need to get back off the computer though and finish some chores, I’m off work for the next week but I have an epic list of things that need to get done ASAP if I want to buy a crib and work on Baby E’s room later this week.

Oh and I’ve been working on Time-Lapse photography.

I have a sunset that’s a little better but I haven’t put it all together yet.

– Alana

About alanamarie26

Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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