Insta Tuesday!

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Llamas at the fair!
Paul had to work the Great Falls fair so I drove up for some fair food, and I found some Llamas!
Pretty drive to Great Falls.
Drive to Great Falls
I want sheep and goats and llamas someday. #PicFrame
Llamas, and Sheep and Goats! Oh My!
 Clearly I am missing out on nap time.
They decided that when I was washing the sheets was an ideal time for a nap. 

Been living back in the states for almost 2 years and I still have #Yen #coin #photoadayaug

I tried to to the #PhotoADayAug, but I failed miserably. This is my coin. I still have Yennies all over the place. 
I think next time I should use a bigger glass... #keurig #icecoffee #oops
An almost disastrous attempt at ice coffee. 
Just a little #noro #knitting in bed tonight
Noro knitting at midnight. 
My temp wedding #ring, because my #pregnant fingers are too fat for my real ones #photoadayaug
Swollen pregnant hands make me sad, they don’t feel to good either. The Hello Kitty ring is all I can get on my wedding ring finger right now. 
Snuggle attack!!
A bunch of bedtime snuggles happening right here. 
Aiko looks so serious when she is telling me to just go back to sleep with her.
And finally Aiko says “it’s only 8am, too early, we must sleep more”
– Alana


About alanamarie26

Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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2 Responses to Insta Tuesday!

  1. Jane says:

    I love your dogs! I've always wanted Boston Terriers. They have the best personalities. That picture of your drive is gorgeous. It looks like a postcard or something. How fun going to the fair. The llamas are great. I love your Hello Kitty ring! Thanks for linking up!!

  2. AlanaMarie says:

    Thank you, My Bostons are complete monsters, adorable monsters.

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