Money Matters

After the baby comes I will not go back to work in a regular setting. I may try to craft and sell my crafts, or baby sit, but we’ll see. It’s not like I make a shit load now, but I make enough to cover our cellphones and DirecTV. 
Last night I sat down and put together a budget. Using an Excel spreadsheet I put in Paul’s Pay and subtracted our bills, some bills that fluctuate, I was a little more generous on, like electric, pretty low in the summer, but it sometimes more than doubles in the winter. 
We also have two pretty credit cards. I have a goal of having one credit card almost paid off by the time baby gets here. Then I would like to  use that credit card as our ‘gas card’ and pay it off every month. Our other card will take it bit longer to pay off, but I’d like to have it down to a near zero balance by PCS next year. 
I think that putting together a plan is the first step to settling financial woes. 
Paul and I both have a spending problem. We also have an eating out problem. I think the eating out will handle itself once Baby is here and we can’t take a crying baby out to dinner once or twice a week. 
Especially with a baby on the not so distant horizon this is something that we need to figure out, and set our plan in stone. 

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Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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  1. Jamie says:

    It's a hard adjustment but it's worth it!

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