Tucson Travels Part 2

When I left you yesterday I was wearing a cute fake preggo belly, oh that was fun, and hysterical.

It didn’t take long for my sister to get into town, she showed up a few days after me. And our first stop as a family was SUSHI!


Sister had Orion, and I hate her for it 🙂

Daddy doesn’t do raw so he had Yakisoba, and it was fun to watch him try to use is trainer chopsticks.

(I am really sad I don’t have any pictures of mom, She was there though, I promise. I do have some pictures from mom from this trip, but if I posted them she would surely kill me. Right mom? and I love your dress from Ross, I think blogworld would too)


sister and me.

(mostly cooked) Rolls!

That’s about all I am supposed to have, but I did eat some sashimi, and I lived and I can still feel the little nugget moving inside my belly so she is fine too.


On the way home we took some pictures of another Tucson Favorite, Lucky Wishbone, sadly I didn’t get any steak fingers this trip. Maybe next.

One of the afternoons we had an awesome, but short Monsoon storm, it broke daddys boat tent


Sunday we had an almost surprise baby shower for me, I don’t have the pictures from that, so that’ll be yet another post. 
Well I do have this picture. 
That’s me eating the Reeces Peanut Butter cup out of a diaper, I lost the guess what chocolate is melted in the diaper game, but I won for grossing everyone out. 

Monday Mommy took sister and me out to get Pho, it was my first time having real Pho, I’ve had the instant kind, real Pho is way better.

mmmm Pho
And then Tuesday I left.


 Sister and I left at almost the same time, I am 99% sure she was sitting on that plane as I was taxing out on mine.


Bye Bye tucson, I’ll miss you and your mountains!




During my flight to SLC we flew over the Grand Canyon



and some cool clouds


SLC terminal E (the small regional delta terminal I think) is quite nice, but usually packed.
The flight on Tuesday I was quite surprised to enter the terminal and find it only about 2/3 full, it’s usually like packed sardines in there.

Almost home
I had a great clear shot of the terminal, then this guy sat down
This terminal is about as big as Helena’s whole airport. 

Then I flew the rest of the way home



we flew in just under a wicked looking T-storm


Hi Helena!

Paul brought my doggie doodles to the airport to get me! They were so excited to see mommy.

My little stinks came to get me at the airport tonight

Renji and Aiko

And now I’m home, back to trying to eat healthy, cleaning up a weeks worth of laundry, and all the other mayhem in this house that I left behind.

I love Tucson, But I am happy to be home, I just wish home wasn’t so far away from everyone.

Have a lovely day, and remember to find me on Facebook for all the quick little updates that don’t make it here!


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Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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1 Response to Tucson Travels Part 2

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love to read it all. I loved going home to see my family too but I also missed my other home Mary

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