Oh My! Where have I been?

Tucson Travels Part 1

If you follow me on  Facebook, you’ll know I was traveling.
I went home to Tucson, Az to see my family and to do some much needed maternity shopping.
Some of these are Instagram photo (I’m alanamarie26, leave your name in the comments here and I’ll follow you back on Instagram!) some are Camera+ photos, but all are from my iPhone, I didn’t have enough room to bring the Nikon.

Leavin on a jet plane...

all my shit

Helena is a redonkulously small airport, 4 ticket counters, Delta, United, Alaska and one I’ve never heard of. The entire length of the airport is about the size of a football field. There is one small restruant, and one luggage conveyer. Once you go through security (which is only open when there is an outgoing flight, so 3 maybe 4 times a day for an hour or so, you go into the terminals, there are 4 two upstairs and two down, each pair are in a room that has enough seating for about 100 people, and the downstairs has a small concession with typicial airport prices ($2.75 for a small bottle of soda)

My flights are typically uneventful, I hop to SLC, then to Tucson. I always sit next to some very interesting characters. I’ll save that for another post though, I can type a whole page on weirdos on the airplane.

Mom picks me up and the adventure begins.

Pregnancy cravings havent been bad, but there have been things I wanted that I just could not have here in Montana. One being Eegees. It’s hard to explain eegees, they have great sandwiches, but they also have their trademark drink, the Eegee, it’s like a slurpee that doesn’t melt as quick. And the flavors are way better. July flavor of the month is Watermelon. And it’s just amazing.

Watermelon Eegee. Best drink in Tucson.

Watermelon Eegee

Ham and cheese, no tomato, extra pickle. Thats how I like my eegees sammich.

Ham and Cheese, no Tomato, Extra Pickle!
I have also had a hankering for Wienerschnitzel its a hotdog chain that has the best commercial chili dogs ever! I had been craving their chili cheese fries. So my first night I had eegees and wienerschnitzel for diner. Yeah, I’m that pregnant lady.
not much to look at but trust me, what they lack in beauty they make up for in amazingness.

Being at home means I get to see my family, Even my hairy brother and sister.

This is Sir Chunk Alot, We call him Chunky. He’s my little brother, he’s 14 years old, he’s a dirty little shit, who cries all the time because he can, his favorite time to cry is about 3 am. I love him though, he slept with me every night. His hairy sister is mean and won’t let him sleep with my parents so when people visit that’s the only time he gets to sleep with humans. 

Dedra Dawn my hairy little sister.
And this is Dedra Dawn, she was my replacement. When I moved away about 7 years ago, it didn’t take long for my mom to bring her home. She’s a holy terror. But she loves to snuggle and eat the food you drop. She also loves to whine and has that super awesome terrier whine that makes you want to gouge out your eardrums with a dull knife.

Mom and I finally got down to shopping and we had so much fun!

I tried on a fake preggo belly at Motherhood Maternity today. I can't wait to actually look like this. Hahhaha

Motherhood Maternity has a fake belly you can try on, and I cannot wait to be this cute!

I don’t have any other pictures from the clothing shopping, because lets face it, even pregnant trying on clothes is not fun. It’s only fun if you’ve just lost a bunch of weight are are rocking an awesome bod. Which I am not, yet…

Join me tomorrow for more Tucson Travels!


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