Bicycle Safety

Just a Public Service Announcement, brought to you by the guy that I almost ran over the other day.

Maybe this is just something I learned as a kid, because I’m special. I don’t know where I learned it, or why, because as a kid I was never allowed to ride on main roads. Our neighborhoods were one squared mile houses on the inside and main streets on the outside, very little traffic inside, but I could get to everything I needed, the grocery store, the neighborhood pool, most of my friends houses.

Anyway, this is a great website: Bicycle Safety

My biggest pet peeve: riding the wrong way.
Did you know there is a correct way to ride a bike on a street? When riding you ride WITH traffic, as if you were a car, in the same direction. You need to turn around and go back? cross the street and ride on the other side. If you are on the shoulder of a main road please ride with traffic.
I believe this is because if you are approaching the car head on, the two are approaching each other faster than if you were traveling with traffic. You may not get seen because there is little time between when you are actually visible, and when you get seen.
I think the only exception to this rule is if there is a sidewalk or a bike path on the shoulder, then ride what ever way you want (if your state allows, some states you can’t ride a bike on a sidewalk if you are an adult) (*update- see the comments)

Another thing that pisses me off is kids without helmets on the main road. I get even more pissed when I see these kids riding with their parents (or an adult) and no one has a helmet on.
I admit, I dont always wear my helmet. But I am almost 30, I can make that decision. I know the consequences, A 10 year old does not.

I live about 15 miles outside town, I have to drive 15 miles into town on a Highway that has a speedlimit of 60 miles an hour. If I hit someone at 60 miles an hour, and they don’t have a helmet on, they will almost certainly get seriously injured if not dead.
I don’t want that on my mind.
Almost every day I see people breaking one, if not both of these rules.

Also pedestrians, should walk towards traffic, if on the shoulder.
And wear bright clothes if you are doing anything outside that will involve you being close to traffic and it’s near dusk or after dark. Jogging at 9 pm or 4 am wearing black leggings and a black top is just stupid.  If you are going to wear dark clothes put on a reflector belt.

I am a leisurely bike rider, I ride for fitness and because I enjoy being outside.  There will always be assholes out there that can’t share the road.  I know it can be dangerous even if you follow the rules, but following the rules of the road can put the odds in your favor.

Be safe while you are out there.

Have a lovely day, and remember to find me on Facebook!


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4 Responses to Bicycle Safety

  1. Danafox says:

    AMEN! Portland has some of the worst bike riders I have seen. Excellent post.

  2. Jess says:

    On the bike path near my house, you can't ride whichever way you feel like – and it can be dangerous to ride the wrong way in the bike lane too. If you're riding with the direction of traffic from the bike lane, and someone comes the opposite direction towards you, where do you go? Into traffic? Into the curb?

  3. AlanaMarie says:

    Jess while you are right that some bike paths have a specific direction, if you are in the bike lane going the direction of traffic you are in the right, and you should do what you can to avoid an accident, being on a bike you can stop and step off the road, In many states it is the law that you ride in the direction of traffic.

  4. the thing that I am still getting used to here on the beach is how people do not ride their bikes on the street but on the sidewalk. I understand in some ways because the road is a bit thin but…. don't come up behind me on the sidewalk and ring your bell like I am in the wrong. But other then that I am kind of glad that when I get my bike I will not have to battle the cars… I will try to ride on the boardwalk vs the thin sidewalk! I do love that riding your bike is the preferred method of transportation around here!

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