Quad Screen

We haven’t really told many people about this, so if I know you in real life and this is the first time you are hearing about this please don’t be upset. We didn’t want to cause any unnecessary worry to family before we knew for sure. 

I wrote the first part of this yesterday, but decided I wanted to post it today when we had our answers

I wasn’t going to post about this, But I don’t want to feel like I am hiding anything during pregnancy, even the scary parts.

Last week I had some blood drawn, for a quad screen. I thought it was something everyone gets. I didn’t expect anything to come of it. Friday I got a phone call from the nurse practitioner, I don’t remember exactly what was said, but I tested positive for a slight chance of carrying a child with down syndrome.

From the research I’ve done it’s quite common to get this positive test. Something like 1 in 200 are true positives. I am handling this much better than I was the first few days.

I am scheduled for a high resolution ultrasound Friday morning. I am still scared. I haven’t given much thought as to how this could drastically change our lives. I don’t really know what to think. I try to simply not think about it because I get upset, and I think that stress is worse on my body because it’s still an unknown.

Right now the only thing I want in the whole world is to get through Friday with positive news. I want to hear that my baby is okay, and will not have any medical problems.

I am pretty sure I am starting to feel movement and I don’t want to think that the amazing baby inside me may have something wrong with it.

and today

We had our scan today. Speaking to the doctor before hand really gave me no more piece of mind, if anything it made me feel worse.

I was told that we cannot know definitively without an amnio. Even though the risk of miscarriage with an amnio is like 1 in 1000 I didn’t want any part of it. We decided to do the ultrasound and see what the results were, it could either put more eggs in one basket or the other.

I cried,  I am a crier when I am mad, or worried. I cried when the doctor talked to us before, and I cried during the first part of the ultrasound.
I started to calm down when I saw the precious little thing inside me.

Before they even told us I knew a few things, I knew she would be fine, and I knew she was a she.
First the ultrasound girl confirmed, yes she is a little girl. She showed us the girl parts so we have no question.

The doctor came in to go over the measurements and we were told that based on the limb and organ measurements he said her chances of having downs went from 1 in 210 to less than 1 in several hundred. Again nothing can be for sure without the amnio, but now we are really at no greater risk than any other normal pregnancy for a woman my age.

I’ll post US pictures another day, I still need to scan them and our network isn’t working quite right.

Have a lovely day, and remember to find me on Facebook!



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5 Responses to Quad Screen

  1. Mrs. K says:

    Congrats are in order! A sweet baby girl 🙂 And I'm glad you got to see her and possibly feel her move.

  2. Danafox says:

    A baby girl!! Congratulations! Your family will be in my prayers for a healthy little girl.

  3. Aw, a little girl! Congratulations and I'm glad everything is looking great

  4. I am so glad the the ultrasound went well. I know how stressful it can be and how hard the unknown is. You are a very strong and positive person I think you and your little girl and going to be just fine! PS. I found that I became addicted to reading blogs and the baby sites and they do not help in the worry, so be happy your internet is down so that you can put your mind on other happier things!

  5. chloé says:

    I am glad the ultrasound went well!! That has got to be so scary! My dr won't do an ultrasound until 19 weeks so I've been going crazy thinking about things that might be wrong! I am due February 1st by the way! Less than 2 months after you! It's fun to go trough this with other people! Your in my thoughts and prayers girl! 🙂

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