Potato Salad

Happy belated 4th of July! 

I hope you had a wonderful holiday and didn’t blow your hand off, or burn down your neighbors tree. 
I had a quiet day mostly, Husbeast worked, so I cleaned the kitchen and made my families famous Potato Salad. I made a few modifications that my father would never approve of, but my pregnant belly wanted.

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Potato Salad

1. The first rule of Potato Salad is you use the same amount of all the big stuff (except onion) since I only needed a small batch I did 4s
4 potato
4 egg
4 dill pickles (should have been, I’ll explain)
1/2 small vidalia (sweet) onion

2. My favorite rule about Potato Salad is you can have fun with it and add or subtract things that suit your taste. Although my dad would never agree to this rule.
1/2 a can of olives
2 stalks of celery

3. Mayo is a must, regular mayo, no miracle shit, Mayo! and a sprinkle of powdered mustard, about 1tsp or more if you’d like.

4. Never forget your salt and pepper.

So I cut up my potato into bite sized pieces and boiled it on a low boil about half an hour (or until soft)

I tried a new method for hard boiling eggs, I baked them, Yep you read that right, Baked.
The pin I found the idea from gave great directions, although it’s pretty idiot proof. First I did a test egg and it was perfect, so 330 was my temp, 30 min was my time, and my eggs were perfect, and peeled super dooper easily. You can jump straight to the directions here: Hard Boiled Eggs In the Oven
Once my eggs were done and peeled I used my Vidalia  Chopper to chop the eggs smaller, and I’m too lazy to use a knife.

4 dill* pickles . I didn’t have regular dill pickles. and the corner market didn’t have whole dill, or even dill spears. So I bought hamburger dill chips. And they worked perfect.  I also put them in my Vidalia Chopper and chopped them into small pieces.  I used about 1 cup once it was all chopped up.
Onion was the same, cut in half then into the chopper.

I added these three things to a big bowl and poured pickle juice over them, about a 1/8 to 1/4 cup, it’s gotta soak into the eggs and potatoes before you add the mayo.

Now the ingredients my dad would never allow in his potato salad:
 I opened a can of olives, and took about half of it and put it through the chopper and added it to the bowl of goodness. 
2 stalk of celery into the chopper, and into the bowl.

Here is where I should have thought things through, It may have been easier to mix the mayo and the dry mustard before I put it on the salad, it also may have been easier to mix the mayo, mustard, olives and celery first. But it’s too late I already sprinkled the mustard in the bowl of goodness.

About 1 1/4 cups of mayo later sprinkled on 1 tsp kosher salt and copious amounts of fresh ground pepper and I had Potato Salad!

Remember, it’s your salad, you want super mayo, add more mayo, don’t like dill pickles, well tough shit, you can’t change that, well you can but the Potato Salad Police may arrest you. Have fun with it, add green or red peppers, or maybe jalapeños.

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* A word about Pickles.
I have spent the better part of the last three years searching for the perfect pickle. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. I have bought nearly every kind of pickle in the store and could never find the ones that I ate as a kid, the really yummy ones my mom bought. At any given time I have 2-3 open jars of pickles in my fridge, that were failures, I still eat them, but I don’t enjoy them. Just assuming my parents bought magic pickles at their grocery I just kept trying and never asked.
Well yesterday I asked, for the sake of potato salad I had to know what I was doing wrong.
Kosher dill. Not the same as Dill.
Did you know Kosher Dill, not only is made to Kosher standards but also uses garlic?
I didn’t.
Dill is the secret, no garlic, not as sharp a flavor. I will never again buy Kosher Dill.

Have a lovely day, and remember to find me on Facebook!


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  1. Yummy potato salad! Darn pickles… haha

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