Corral Fire in Western Montana

We Have internet back! We only lost it for about 24 hours, which is quite a surprise to me, I expected us to be out until friday at least.

Monday afternoon we had a wild fire start on Scratchgravel Hill about 5 miles from the house.
We hiked Scratchgravel last year, you can see pictures of the Scratchgravel Hike here.  I think it’s safe to say that everyplace in those pictures has been destroyed.
These are a combo of pictures from my iPhone and my Nikon so some pictures may have poorer quality.

Day 1:

This picture was taken at about 4:45, the fire started at 4:20. 

quickly progressed

just before I left for work at 6 the wind changed direction and our house was bombarded with smoke. 

On the freeway on the way to work, the fire was quickly spreading.

From work, you can’t even see the hills, normally they are very clear. 

By Monday night when I got off work at 10 the fire looked like it was under control. The mountain looked like someone had sprinkled orange glitter all over it, or christmas lights, it was twinkling all over. But there wasn’t much smoke. 

Day two:

Even when I woke up in the morning it wasn’t smoking much and looked pretty much done. 
About 1030 the winds picked up and quickly reached 45mph with gusts up to 70. The fire picked back up and roared out of control. Things looked much worse this day.
Driving into town on the freeway
Heading back out of town on a small highway. About 20 min after I took this they closed this highway due to 0 visibility and safety hazard from people pulling over to watch the fire.

I got as close as I could without crossing police lines and took some pictures of the hills.
The fire is mostly confined to the hills and the adjacent fields, but the high winds were blowing the smoke east.

By tuesday night things had calmed down quite a bit again.

Day Three:

Looks like this is finally under control. You can see how the east face of this entire hill area are completely charred. There are still about 250 fire fighters up there according to the newspaper, but it looks like they have it covered. 

The most recent update states that there was over 1,800 acres burned, 4 homes lost, but no one was hurt or seriously injured. There is still some concern of it flaring back up, but things are looking much better smoke wise. 
The fire was accelerated by extensive dead trees that had been killed by pine beetles, and by severely dry conditions.
We were never in iminent danger here at the house, but I did make a list in my head of the things I would grab if I only had a short time to evacuate: Animals, fire safe, hard drives & laptops. Everything else is easily replaced.

Have a lovely day, and remember to find me on Facebook!


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One Response to Corral Fire in Western Montana

  1. jessicaelle says:

    So happy it's (mostly) good now! I remember last year we had a wildfire burn through our campsite we liked to go to all the time. Glad you guys weren't in any danger!!

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