Annual Challis Caping Trip 2012

We just got back from our Annual trip to Challis Hot Springs

This is the post from last year: Challis Hot Springs 2011
I took way more pictures last year so check them out.

Our annual trip to Challis is for Paul’s Recruiter training, and mandatory fun time. Anyone in the military knows about mandatory fun time. Most units we’ve been with it’s a day, family day, where everyone gets together for a BBQ and other outdoor fun. But since we are all spread out over several states we have to meet in the middle.

This year was a day longer than last year, and in my current condition that was one day too many. 4 months pregnant, camping in 80 degree weather for 5 days was too much. I felt like a party pooper but I was just having such a hard time during the day. But we still managed to have fun.

We had some problems with this little guy at first. He was attacked shortly after Challis last year and has shown quite a bit of fear based agression towards other dogs since. Although we’ve been training against it, but this weekend was tough for him. There were so many families, and about half of them had dogs. As each day went by he calmed down more and more, but he was still a hand-full with his incessant barking and he would often run to the end of his lead with his lunging and barking.

Cooling off

our campsite, we are the one in the back with a screen room.

Beating the heat. 

Cooling off in the AC in the car because it was just too damn hot. 
The biggest deal this weekend (to our little family) was Paul’s reenlistment ceremony. 
It was done on the last full day after the eco challenge. 
4 more years in the Marine Corps for our family. 

She won't eat out of her bowl, only off the floor.
Aiko wouldnt eat out of her dog bowl the whole time, so she ate off the floor. 
"are we home yet?"... Soon baby dog, soon.
The drive home Renji was very anxious to get there.
Naked doggies
And now I have two pooped out naked doggies. They get to be harness/collar free for a few days because they have been living in harnesses all week and have some areas that are a rubbed a little raw from them. 
(and they are so cute naked)

Have a lovely day, and remember to find me on Facebook!


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1 Response to Annual Challis Caping Trip 2012

  1. Cyn Knight says:

    awesome photos as always — congrats to the hubs on re-enlisting — and i need to get out camping! looks like a blast!

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