Memorial Day Weekend Roadtrippin!

In the days leading up to Memorial Day weekend, our weather got progressively worse. Cold, rainy, yuckie. Then on the Sunday it snowed. By the time I got up it had melted at the house, but you can see it in the hills about a mile behind us. 

We decided to drive to Missoula, because it was supposed to be a bit warmer, and we wanted to go to the mall. So we got in the car and headed out. 
I’ll call this bit

Roadside Photographer: 
Here is the view of Mt. Helena. 

Then we headed into the Mountains, through McDonnell pass towards Missoula. 

And there was a little snow in the pass.

But on the other side when we got back out of the mountains, things got greener. 
This is a Beaver Slide. 
It’s a contraption used for stacking hay in a big ol pile. 
unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of the hay piles.


Beavertail Rd. 
Lots of beaver references in Montana. 
After a few hours we made our way home. Missoula is only slightly more exciting than Helena. 
Silent Hill? 
This totally reminded me of the beginning of that movie. 

icky snow.

I even made a little video. It’s not the least bit exciting, and I move the camera way too much, But I am learning.

Have a lovely day, and remember to find me on Facebook!



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One Response to Memorial Day Weekend Roadtrippin!

  1. CamMi Pham says:

    Not the best weather. I am from canada snow will give me headache lol…we have way too much. Hope you had funXCammi

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