Dreary Day


It’s a yuckie day here in Montana. The weather has been so bipolar lately, it’s depressing.
Last week we had 3 days of 70+ hot and dry, little wind, but great sunny weather. I worked on my tan, I read in the sun. I hung out with the doggies in the sunny spot. It was great.

Getting our tan on.

Then Friday it got yuckie, and has been yuckie for the most part since.
I like it hot. I like hot and dry. I don’t mind rain, but I’m not a lover of humidity. Although a little humidity makes my hair and skin lovely, unlike most people.

But here it is, May 22, and it’s cold and rainy. Feels like a February morning in Tucson.

(except it’s raining now, get with the program Weather app!)
(oh and my thermostat says it’s 55 at my house, and the wind is kickin! )

And it’s going to continue to be gross until Monday. Highs in the 50’s lows in the 40’s rain every day.

Maybe we’ll run away for the weekend. Or maybe we’ll just hunker down and clean. The house could use a really good spring cleaning. We had some tentative plans but Pauls work may interfere with them.  I really won’t know what’s going on until it’s happening this weekend.

Have a lovely day, and remember to find me on Facebook!


About alanamarie26

Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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