Sometimes I over do it

The last few days I have been all alone, and not leaving the house, between  not wanting anything bad to happen and a monstrous cold sore I developed (and I am extremely vain, and I don’t want to be seen by anyone), I didn’t leave the house until last night when Paul came home.

So I’ve spent too much time online, and that always leads me back to Okinawa.

I want to go back, there are lots of reasons, I’ve explored them before. But what I think it boils down to is food, friends, community, relaxation.

The food is simply amazing, and leaves nothing out, you can even get Mexican! (not great by mexican standards but still good, and good enough to hold me over)
We made some amazing friends over there. Friends that I will have forever.
Community, maybe part of it was that we were peaceful quiet neighbors, but even our Japanese neighbors always made us feel welcome. The Americans there have a sort of camaraderie where they are always available to help. I remember on one of our first weeks there we were without a car and walking and it started to rain, as it often does, and it poured. This family driving by saw us walking in the rain, without umbrellas, and she stopped and let us, soaking wet, into her nice clean car. She gave us a ride to base.  It wasn’t totally out her her way, but it was totally unexpected.
The island is just so relaxing, I loved being able to ride my bike to the beach, and just listen to the waves. Even though traffic can be hectic, there is just something about driving around the island that I found peaceful.
Life just seemed so much simpler there.

I don’t feel like we have that here.
Food is plain and boring, Chilis, Applebees, McD’s. Yeah there are some local joints but everything is really burgers and fries or fried something.
Friends yeah, i’ve complained about that to no end, but It’s really my fault I don’t have friends.
Community, I don’t think many of my neighbors even know each other. We’ve met a few of them, but except the woman across the street who lent me her phone and a ladder those two times I locked myself out, I wouldn’t call them our friends.
Relaxation, although this place is nice, it’s not relaxing. That’s due to a combination of Pauls job that sucks, and my deep hatred for winter. I can’t be relaxed when I’m all seasonally depressed.
Everything is so complicated. Life is so complicated.

But I’ve gotten sidetracked.
So over doing it… I have spent the better part of the last three days internet stalking Okinawa.
I have found more things to feed my hopes and dreams of one day going back.

OkiNinjaKitty – I don’t know much about her yet, from what I gather she is living on Okinawa with her husband who is not part of the military (I think he is a contractor). She has a youtube channel where she posts Vlogs about life in Japan, and a facebook page. Some of them actually make my heart hurt to go back.
In fact this video is very near my house, maybe 15 minutes on my bike.

a bit more about this in a moment…

Also, Okinawa Hai, which i’ve been following since moving to Okinawa in 2008, has added a facebook group to go along with their facebook fan page.

And then there is the good old regulars:

Total Okinawa– where I can go and look at houses available for rent.

and the blogs:
Ramblings of a Marine Wife
True Love Conquers All

Those are the main ones I stick to, but i’ve even been finding myself on Okinawa Yard Sales. Which is just silly.

So I’ve over done it, and now I am sad.
Today my heart just wants to go back to the island, I just want to ride my bike up and down the pacific seawall. I want to splash in the ocean with the dogs. I want to walk to the izakaya with Paul and have an Orion and some takowasa, to have ramen in American Village, and Gyoza at the Sunabe Seawall at 4 am. To snorkel in the ocean, and hike up a castle. I miss these things so much, I just hope that someday they will happen again.

After watching OkiNinjaKitty I am entertaining the idea of vlogging again. I have thought about it before but I’m a little camera shy, also I don’t know what I’d talk about. But I am giving it more thought. Maybe just show more of Montana. More about our house and our neighborhood. I need a dashcam. some way to hook my flip camera to the car and the handlebars of my bike.
I’m excited about this, maybe next week I’ll have a video to share.

Have a lovely day, and remember to find me on Facebook!


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