It’s just part of his job

Recruiting Duty sucks.

Okay well I need to explain a bit first. For the USMC recruiting districts are broken up into 6 areas.
We are in the 12th. Marine Corps District.
In the 12th there is 8 main RS’s.
Salt Lake, Seattle, Portland, Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County.
We fall under Salt Lake.

I couldn’t tell you how many stations fall under Salt lake, But I think we have the whole SLC area (maybe even all of Utah?), most of southern ID, part of Nevada (?), and all of Montana.
In Montana there are offices in Kalispel, Missoula, Great Falls, Helena (us!), Bozeman & Billings. But our office here in Helena, is more or less a sub station, and we fall under Great Falls (about 1.5 hours north)
So several times a month Paul has to drive up to Great Falls for paperwork, or whatever. Usually once a month he has to stay overnight.
Paul also has an office in Butte, and he covers several smaller areas surrounding Butte, including but not limited to Anaconda, Townsend, and Deer Lodge. The guys here in Montana have some of the largest areas to cover per recruiter because the population in Montana is so small it doesn’t justify more recruiters. So they spend a lot of time on the road.
But anyway, A few times a year Paul has to go down to SLC for training, This week is one of those weeks. Today he left, I think he’ll be home in a few days. But it sucks. I hate being alone, and since we got here bad things happen to me when he leaves. Even for day trips.
I lock myself out
I get in a car accident
I lock myself out again
I get the flu
A dog gets sick/hurt
My car wont start
The internet breaks
I get the flu again
I lock myself out a third time
(see a pattern here? I now have a key hidden outside, so that shouldn’t be an issue)
Bad things don’t happen every time he is gone, but if something bad is going to happen, I can guarantee he will be out of Helena.
I have decided I am not leaving the house until he is home. The dogs are on lockdown. For them there will be no crazy fun, no wild activities, no trips to anywhere.
I just need to go get milk and eggs and I am set for the next few days. I could actually live out of the house without leaving for about a week at least, but I have to work.


About alanamarie26

Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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