I’m still here

Sorry I didn’t mean to drop off the face of the earth, but this has been a very rough week.
Tuesday night I wasn’t feeling great, I thought it was just a cranky stomach, but after 8 hours of nonstop vomit and… other forms of stomach evacuation… I realized something was wrong. I am pretty sure I threw up more in 10 hours than I have in the last 10 years.
By 8 am I had been sick for 10 hours and I couldn’t even keep water down.
I called the doctor and was told I needed to come in and be seen in urgent care.


So a dose of Zofran, 3 vials of blood, a 1 ltr IV, and 4+ hours later later I was permitted to go home. My diagnosis: nope not the McD’s I had for dinner, it was Norovirus (stomach flu).  I had specific instructions to stay hydrated, drink pedialite, and not to even think of trying food for several more hours. The thing that really sucked? Paul left that morning for Great Falls, about once a month he does an overnight up there for work. So I was all alone for 2 days, with my bad dogs.

It was rough, on all of us. I unfortunately had to kennel the dogs almost all day, and I just took them out every few hours to potty. I spent the whole day trying to sleep, but mostly just tossing and turning, and counting the hours until I could take my next dose of anti puke meds. By the evening I could handle the dogs being out and we laid on the couch and watched some TV and I was back in bed by nine.
The next morning I ate my first sold food. 1 piece of toast and an apple. I always remember my mom taught me when I was younger, when you are sick you get the BRAT diet. B-Bananas, R-Rice, A-Apples T-Toast. My small amount of food was delicious, and it stayed down! Paul got home that afternoon and he played with the dogs, We had subway for dinner and my simple turkey sammich was great. I spent the next few days regaining my strength, and slowly adding more of an array food to my diet.
I am fairly certain I am back to normal. I also learned upon returning to work, that it spread through my store like wild fire, and a large percentage of the employees were out sick this week.
Also, have you ever thrown something up and then been totally unable to even think about eating it ever again? I am one of those people, I didn’t eat chili cheese dogs from derWeinerschnitzel for almost a year after throwing them up once. Well, I don’t think I’ll eat McD’s for a very, very long time.

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Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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1 Response to I’m still here

  1. Danafox says:

    So sad to hear that you have been so sick! Glad you are back…was starting to wonder where you were.

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