Reenlistments? Promotions?

There is a lot going on in our household right now. One of the bigger and possibly life altering things is Reenlistment. Paul is due to reenlist this fall, and with all the stupid shit of being on recruiting duty and being over an hour from the nearest military installation with doctors, and Paul being over 8 hours away from his command, he’s been having one hell of a time getting his docs in order. We are getting down to the wire and I am told they have cut slots for reenlistment this year. I am highly concerned about it, I worry almost daily if come october Paul will still have a job. Part of me can’t imagine him not being able to reenlist then there’s the part of me that always thinks the worst. I’m not ready for that shit. 

Another big deal this year is promotion. 

Paul is up for E7 Gunny. It would be amazing if he made it. I am not sure exactly how the promotions work, there are zones and only a certain number of slots per job. But Paul is due. According to the information google found for me I’m thinking we should know around July if he gets promoted. 

That’s all the big news for today kids, it’s a pretty nice day here in Montana, a bit windy but temps hanging around the mid 60s and hopefully a bit warmer tomorrow. 
and then cold as balls again on saturday… 
Warmer! For now...

Today I went to the library for Japanese lessons, it was fun. The teacher Miho is great, but she is about to leave for 5 weeks to visit Japan. So the class will be meeting without her and be sort of self teaching. Maybe that’ll give me time to catch up. I am going to try to find all my Japanese langugae paperwork from when I first got to Okinawa and bring it to class next week. 

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Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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