Naughty Doggies, Getting Schooled.

Return of the sunny spot! Rejoice!
It’s not a huge secret that I have two unruly dogs. 
They pretty much run the house, they do what they want, when they want. 
They don’t listen much, they beg, 
They are redonkulously annoying when it comes to toys (AIKO) 
They run amok in the middle of the night (RENJI!)
They eat things that aren’t food, and as I write this I just pulled two rocks out of Renji’s mouth. 
But they are cute, and I love them with all my heart. 
Well my naughty doggies have never had any formal training. 
I got some training with Aiko when she was a babe, but I didn’t keep it up. When we got Renji most of Aiko’s training went out the window. She still will sit, and sort of stay, but that’s it. 
When we have company over thats when it’s most embarrassing. They jump and nip, and claw and climb all over guests. 
I have told myself a thousand times that I want to sign them up for classes. But I have been procrastinating big time. 
But today I did it, I took a big step forward in the schooling for my dogs. I signed them up for classes at Petco. The dog trainer is a regular over at Hastings, where I work. So I know her a little. She is really nice and she has met the dogs when we bring them in to get dog food. 
We start next Sunday and the dogs don’t know it yet but I am sure they will be excited to go into town once a week and play with another human. 
Aiko has some social anxiety, you’d never know from seeing her in the house, her domain. A few times we have brought her to Petco and she gets all excited when people pet her and she has peed on the floor. She also hate tile. Petco is all tile. She gets really shy in public so I am hoping that she does well and that the prior training I have given her will shine through. 
Princess Pants
*really mom? but I don’t need no training*
Prince charming
*I’m plenty smart*

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Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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