Hopes for the future

This is Andrea, She is my favorite sister.
(and my only sister, but who’s counting) 

I have been thinking a lot about the future lately, and I don’t hide the fact that I want to go back to Okinawa. Every bit of me wants to go back so bad it hurts. 
(andrea walking on a little sea wall)

The coolest thing in the world would be if she was there when I got there. 
See her husband Matt is in the Airforce and they want to go back to Okinawa. He was stationed in Okinawa when they met, while she was visiting me. 
(new years eve, the night she met Matt)

She really is the coolest kid on the block. I love to hang out with her. Plus if she was there and none of my other friends had made it back yet I wouldn’t need to worry about not having anyone to hang out with. 
(on the ferris wheel in American Village)

See I already have it all planned out, she will arrive in Okinawa first, and then me a few months later. Since she will be there Paul and I won’t have to live in the hotel, we won’t have to kennel the animals. She can pick us up from the airport and we can get some Taco Rice and begin another adventure in Okinawa. 
(i mustache you a question)

Sometimes I sit and think of the things I will want to do first when I get there. 
Pedicures @ Cocok
Ride my bike along the pacific sea wall
Sushi Zen
those are some of my favorite memories. 

I really hope that she is there, while I am there. For more reasons than an instant buddy. 
She could be:
doggy sitter

and her husband:
someone for husband to hang out with too

We would have to live close to each other too, like less than 5 miles. 
So we could ride bikes to each others houses. 
or walk. 

I don’t know what I’ll do when we retire if she doesn’t live close to me. 
She has to live in driving distance, like less than a days drive. 
are you reading this Andrea? that’s the rule, you have to live close to me. 

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Okay now that I am throughly depressed I am going to get ready for Zumba and try to take my mind off of the next year and a half of Recruiting Duty in Montana. 

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