(I don’t have false expectations of ever looking like this)

I have been to two Zumba classes and I am in love. I recently quit Weight Watchers, for a few reasons, nothing against WW, I am just a diet quitter. I think I am better off eating what I want (within reason, and portion controlled) and just exercising more.
So that has been my goal for the last month or so, exercise more. It hasn’t happened, at all. I am a lazy mo-fo. My weight is back up to 161 and I am just lazy.

But I made a friend! and she Zumbas and we went together monday, and it was AWESOME! like my favorite thing ever! It doesn’t even feel like an hour has passed when the class is over. I went monday and today and I am hooked, today I even bought a punch card so I don’t have to worry about bringing $$ to the classes to pay for it.

The class is given by a local girl who does them in a meeting room at the Holiday inn, it’s really un-intimidating and everyone is about my age. But I am hooked, and I can’t wait for Monday to come for another class. She does classes 4 days a week and I am going to try to go every week, the only class I may miss periodically is the Friday class and that’s because of work, like this coming friday I work until 7 so I can’t go. I am such a dork.

This is so true-

I need to learn the hip pop thing the girl in the front does, it looks awesome!

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Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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1 Response to Zumba

  1. rebecca says:

    I think everyone I know does Zumba and loves it like you said. I have never tried it but seems like it would be something I like from all the hype I've been hearing about it

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