Social Anxiety

I think I have a problem.

(beware I’m putting my crazy out there today)

I’ve never really had a problem making friends until I moved to Montana.
Maybe because I was younger with all of our moves.
Maybe because before now I was put into an environment with other young military wives.
Maybe I’m just too old for this game now.

I’ve met a few people over the last few months that I think would be cool to hang out with.

But each time it comes time to contact them about getting together or whatever I get serious anxiety.
This is why I have lived here for over a year and still have no real friends, I have practically given up.

This last week I’ve been trying to get together with one girls who I met a few weeks ago, and she needed to drop something off to me, I’ve been sick so that was part of the reason it took me so long to get back to her, but I had major anxiety about calling her, and seeing her.

The stupidest things were going through my head
What if she decided she didn’t like me.
What if she thought my house was messy.
What if she thought I was rude for not calling sooner.
each moment that went by these fears got worse, so I procrastinated further.

Finally I called her and two days later she called me back, All I could think was that she hated me.

I am totally irrational.

She just came by and dropped my things off and said she lives real close and we should hang out.
I am totally excited.
But now.
What do we talk about?
What should we do?
Should I invite her over?
She has kids, she may not want to come over, and I have rowdy dogs, that may jump on her kids.
Maybe we should go to lunch…

I don’t have this problem at work, I can talk to anyone.

But I am almost shaking right now.

So I ask you:
How do you make new friends?
What do you talk about?
What do you do on a first ‘friend’ date?


About alanamarie26

Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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2 Responses to Social Anxiety

  1. bicv says:

    I have the same issues. Its retarded. I think it comes with age.

  2. bicv says:

    I have the same issue. I think it happens with age. Its retarded but you aren't alone!

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