DIY Soap

This is a followup to: She’s Crafty: Lets make our own soap

Last week I ran out of laundry soap (oh noes!) So it was time to make more. This time I still followed the recipe at Being Creative: Homemade Laundry Soap But I did one thing different.

When it came time to shred my bar of Fels-Naptha I decided to be lazy and use the grater on my food processor. Well this didnt quite work right and it just cut it up into uneven pieces of chunky mess. So once I had created this mess, I took out the grater and put in the blade, and pulsed it until I had created a powder, much like the other powders in the recipe.

I then combined all the ingredients and mixed.
Same as before, Just now there are no chunks of grated soap, it’s all a fine powder.

One batch of the recipe and this is what I have:

DIY laundry soap

Wine bottle to show size.

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