Sew Cute!

Since I created my doggie gate stopper thing I have been sewing a few things.
Some have been failures, but I have had two, very useful successes.
I made this with some scrap cloth from the dog gate, it’s one of those microwave heat pack things. It’s filled with rice. I can nuke it for 2 minutes and it stays warm for a while, it’s great on my back and the dogs love it too.
And then I made this cute little purse.
I was inspired (and mostly followed this pattern: Easy Zippered Purse)
The only mods I made were a wider strap I did 3.5 inches I think, I also made the strap longer so I could wear it over my shoulder and across my body. Also the overall dimensions are bigger I made it 9×9.5 instead of 7×7.5 so I had to use a 9 inch zipper.
I think the fabric is adorable.
I didn’t finish the seams on the inside very well but I plan to eventually.
I plan on making a few more, but I think I will make them 9.5 x 12  so they are longer, also I will reinforce the strap with interfacing.

About alanamarie26

Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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1 Response to Sew Cute!

  1. Danafox says:

    That purse is fantastic! I am thinking about getting into knitting and want to start with scarves since they seem the simplest. Any hints or helpful advice? Also I tried your doggie-blocker-on-tension-rods idea with my cat, creating a curtain in front of her litterbox so she would have some privacy. It worked, the dogs leave her alone, but she won't use the box. 😦 Oh well, back to the drawing board.

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