She’s Crafty: Lets make our own SOAP

This week I tried two new recipes: Dishwasher Detergent and Laundry Soap

They both have pretty much the same ingredients so here is a list of what I bought. Oh, and I halved each recipe, because I don’t clean often, and for me full batches of this shit would last a billion years.

1 big ass box of Borax (4.7 pounds i think)  ( about $4)
1 big ass box of Arm and Hammer Washing Soap (just under 4 pounds) (about $3)
1 big ass box of baking soda (about 4 pounds) (about $2)
1 big ass bag of epsom salts ( about $2)
1 small container of generic oxy clean (about $2)
12 pouches of sugar free lemonaid mix (generic) (about $2)
1 bar of fels napa laundry soap (less than $1 i think)
(please see origonal recipe for better instructions and measurements)

after the fact I needed to buy:
lemishine (about $5)
to treat hard water and film on the dishes.

So first I made my dishwasher soap.
I halved the borax and washing soap by weight on my food scale. Added my 12 packs of walmart brand lemonaid (NO SUGAR!! you want the plain little packets) then I used 1 & 3/4 cups of epsom salt (because I suck at math) then I stirred all that shit together and put it in the pretty 1 gallon mason jar I bought at shopco for $11 (yeah, I spent more $ on the jar than the total of the contents, whateves) and I loaded my dishwasher. I’ve never been so excited to do dishes.
well the first run was a huge fail. my dishes looked and felt sort of gross. Well i went back to the original recipe and from what I gather if you have hard water issues (which i do) than you really need to use a rinse agent. LemiShine was suggested. So today I trucked back to Albertsons and got me a container of powdered LemiShine. And that problem seems to be remedied. Also you can just put vinegar in your wash but I was too lazy to go downstairs and get it out of the washroom. (but not too lazy to go to Albertsons…. Shopping addiction? me? never!)
(please see original recipe for better instructions and measurements)

Then Today I made the laundry soap.
I started by taking the laundry soap bar and grating half of it into a big bowl. Then I added my remaining borax, washing soap, half of the box baking soda and the container of oxy. Stir. this was much harder to stir. It also produces much more stuff because the extra oxy and baking soda. But I got it mixed and into the jar (barely). Then, again, I was way too excited to do laundry. So I took the stinky dog blanket and washed it in the wash with no fabric softener. This test was more of an odor test than a dirty test. But after one wash the blanket had no more stinky dog smell!!
Also I have a HE front loader and I did some research and this recipe, because is so basic, and you need so little of it, is low sudsing, therefore HE washer safe! WOOT!
(please see original recipe for better instructions and measurements)

so I spent about $16 dollars and I have enough dishwasher/laundry soap to last me at least through the end of the year. Beat that. 
The only thing I’ll have to buy maybe bi-monthly is lemishine and I am going to do some vinegar experiments and see if I can get around that. 

(just a little after the fact note. Since posting this 3 hours ago I have done 3 loads of laundry, now this may seem like no feat of greatness but my HE washer was running really slow before and I would be lucky to do 1.5 loads in 3 hours. So not only is this soap cheep and awesome, it also seems to be helping my washer run more efficiently) 

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2 Responses to She’s Crafty: Lets make our own SOAP

  1. Thanks for helping me find this on Pinterest. What amount do you use for your HE clothes washer for each load? Thanks again!

  2. Tammy Strong says:

    I tried making my own dishwasher detergent and it became solid in the jar. Did you have that problem?

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