House Hunting

I’ve still got friends in Okinawa, and I recently have been communicating with one on ideas of fun outdoorsey things to do for her and her husbands anniversary. It made me quite homesick. We still want to go back so i sometimes find myself thinking of where I would live.  I even go as far as to look at houses for rent online.

 This is the first one I found today, and I totally love it. I love the big yard and the covered porch. I always wanted a covered porch while we were there because it rains often, like really often. And Paul and I like to BBQ, like really often. So a covered porch would make that possible in a downpour.

I can see it now, our grill in the corner, with lots of potted plants all around. maybe a little house for the dogs. 
 This front area is beautiful too. More plants and flowers outside the sliding doors. 
I love the tatimi room. I love the wood carvings. That room will be gated off so the dogs can’t tear up the tatimi mats. This would be mama’s yoga zone. or maybe a play area for a child. 
The kitchen looks pretty open, i like that it has a japanese fridge. We’d probally have to buy or build some sort of island in the middle for more counter space. But who cooks in Japan anyway? I’d be eating soba and sushi every meal!

This is beautiful, but could be misleading. The tub looks deep, so it could be big. But we had some friends who lived in a Japanese style house and their tub, while deep, was only about 3 feet long. But in my imagination this tub is a full size. 
I can’t tell if this is a second tatimi room or just another angled picture of the first one. Either way, i love it. (i think it’s a second though)

The only downside I see (besides that when we go back in 2 years none of the houses I am looking at today will be available) is that the kitchen looks like it has a japanese oven, which means it’s the size of a toaster oven, so no thanksgiving turkey, roasted chicken, even baking can be hard. But you know what? we all have to make sacrifices to have what we want.

Someday we’ll be back. I cannot wait. 

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Marine Wife, Mom, Student. Trying to keep a household running while going to school full time.
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1 Response to House Hunting

  1. lisa-fee says:

    Now I want to live in Japan! Great house.

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